7 tips for lighting terraces

The lighting of the terraces is a key factor so that the space can be used optimally in the day or at night. Light enlivens, adds dynamism and guarantees safe movements.

7 tips for lighting terraces

The roof terrace is one of the most important spaces in the home, as it allows you to appreciate the external surroundings, breathe fresh air, sunbathe and relax. However, it is important that the place has the necessary light to be able to enjoy these benefits at any time. Discover in this article 7 tips for lighting your terraces!

The entry of natural light is one of the great advantages of terraces because it saves electricity during the day. Despite this, in these outdoor spaces it is also essential to incorporate artificial lighting to decorate, highlight objects and ensure that the place does not lose its vitality at night.

Outdoor or terrace lighting functions

In the first measure, lighting fulfills the function of providing security. This is due to the fact that it allows all areas to be clearly visualized and the inhabitants can move without risk of tripping over something. Likewise, it is necessary to locate dirt or damage that appears in time.

Adequate lighting makes the terraces more welcoming, warm and have the optimal conditions to be used at all times. As a result, it is important so that the space can be used to dine with family, organize events and find well-being.

The light gives a visual enrichment to the space, since it provides feelings of spaciousness, dynamism, texture and enhances the colors of the place. In addition, it is a key aspect to generate order; helps to delimit each of the areas that make up the terrace.

The lighting works as an additional decoration that matches the other objects and beautifies the place. In this way, lights are useful to create balanced spaces with a unique aesthetic.

Tips for achieving successful lighting on the terrace

There are multiple tools and factors that must be taken into account to achieve successful terrace lighting. Below are 7 key tips to achieve the expected results in each home.

7 tips for lighting terraces

In cities, terraces can be adapted to contain green and be meeting spaces.

1. Lighting should point down

In general lighting it is important that the lights are directed towards the ground so that the traffic areas are clear and there are no hazards when moving. In the same way, this is the proper distribution so that no lighting is pointed in the eyes of people and causes discomfort.

To comply with this aspect, pendant lamps can be used, which also add elegance to the space. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of installing sensor bulbs that specifically illuminate the area through which you are walking.

The luminaires must be located in such a way as to ensure that the lights are not recharged on a single area. In addition, the intensity of the lights should not be so much, to avoid that the space looks heavy and not very harmonious.

2. Install recessed lights in the ground

This type of lighting is effective for use in walkways because it helps to clarify trails and guide the way. This tool allows the decoration of the place to acquire a more modern and innovative image.

Recessed floor lights are a great alternative for people to roam the space at night without inconvenience. In addition to this, this resource achieves that the floor gains a few meters of amplitude because the shadows are eliminated.

These luminaires can be placed close to the walls, as this way the light is reflected off these structures and bounces off to other sides to provide greater clarity. In the same way, those luminous flashes decorate the walls and provide texture.

3. Stairs must have optimal lighting

It is important that the stairs leading to the terrace have prominent lighting so that people feel the excitement of moving there. In addition, the use of adequate light is required to eliminate all types of darkness that may obstruct vision when going up or down.

Taking this into account, it is advisable to install a pendant lamp in the center of the ceiling of the stairs to evenly illuminate the entire area. In addition to this, lights can be embedded in the surfaces of the steps, because they accompany the path and provide more security.

4. Place wall lamps

The wall lamps are ideal to illuminate the decorations that you want to highlight on the terrace. These also work in those cases where you want to reinforce the light in an area that still has a bit of opacity.

These lamps work as a decorative element that adds elegance and presence to the walls. Besides, it is one of the best options when you want to use light to focus attention on certain strategic points.

5. Use LED lights

LED lights are a resource that can be used to brighten and beautify the edges of doors, windows, or ledges. The lighting of these elements allows the place to look more alive and with an original decoration.

This type of lighting is a must on terraces. It enhances the decorations and consumes much less energy than traditional bulbs. In addition, LED lights can be accommodated in plants and green areas to give them greater radiance and prominence.

6. Use light garlands

Garlands are another type of lighting that can be considered for terraces. They are used to take advantage of the space of the ceilings or the walls, because it is a hanging element that can be molded to distribute the light to where it is needed.

This resource is widely used for dining rooms, as the spotlights centralize and distribute the light evenly to all the seats.

7 tips for lighting terraces

The garlands provide a particular aesthetic touch, ideal for outdoor summer gatherings. If you add candles you can create a romantic atmosphere.

7. Use table lamps

Table lamps are ideal so that the furniture is not forgotten and with long shadows. These are responsible for providing extra light, liven up the resting places and highlight in detail the ornaments that are located there.

Choosing resistant spotlights is one of the keys to lighting your terraces

The most recommended is to consult with a professional to find out which are the best quality spotlights that best suit the needs of your space. Outdoor lighting should decorate, provide security and generate feelings of well-being.

Terrace lights must withstand factors such as sunlight, rain, and dust. In addition, it is essential not to leave cables near wet areas to avoid short circuits.