Delicious recipe for ribs with pineapple

Ribs with pineapple are a very simple dish to make. We tell you everything you need to know to succeed with its preparation in these two delicious variants.

Delicious recipe for ribs with pineapple

You may never have tried pineapple ribs. It is an exotic recipe, but loaded with beneficial nutrients for the body. In addition, it has an easy digestion, thanks to the enzymes contained in the fruit itself. For this reason it is suitable for those who suffer from digestive problems frequently.

On the other hand, it must be remembered that it is essential to increase the protein intake in the diet. It must be constituted with half of high biological value, that is, from foods of animal origin.

Spicy ribs with pineapple

It is important to know that the spicy taste comes, in most cases, from a substance known as capsaicin. This element is capable of influencing the metabolism, stimulating weight loss. This is evidenced by research published in the International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition.

Pineapple, for its part, contains a large amount of compounds with antioxidant capacity. These contribute to modulate the inflammatory and oxidative states of the body, which has a positive impact on general health. In fact, frequent consumption of phytonutrients is associated with a lower risk of developing complex pathologies, according to a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Ingredients for the recipe

Salt and pepper.
1 can of chipotle peppers.
5 slices of pineapple in syrup.
1 tablespoon of habanero sauce.
500 milliliters of pineapple juice.
4 tablespoons of cornstarch.
500 grams of pork rib.
1 cup of pineapple juice in syrup.

Delicious recipe for ribs with pineapple

The pineapple fruit is rich in antioxidants and fiber. Both of these nutrients are good for general health.

Step by Step

The first thing is to choose a large glass dish. There the ribs will be placed with salt and pepper, adding the pineapple juice in syrup and the habanero sauce.

It is important to make sure that both liquids are well distributed over the entire surface of the meat, so that it takes on flavor. Once the process is done, the piece is allowed to rest for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, the chili peppers, pineapple, pineapple juice and cornstarch are put in the blender, crushing everything until a homogeneous paste is obtained.

In a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil, cook the ribs; at least 15 minutes to ensure that all the meat is done correctly. Add the mixture and lower the heat to continue cooking for about 20 more minutes. Once the time passes, the recipe is ready to be consumed.

Sweet ribs with pineapple

If you are one of those who do not like the spicy flavor, we leave you an alternative of ribs with pineapple, in this case with a slight sweet touch. Remember that with this recipe you will get a high quality protein intake, so it may be optimal to introduce it in the context of a healthy diet.

As an article published in the Annals of Nutrition & Metabolism magazine indicates, it is important to achieve a total of 1.3 grams of protein per kilogram of weight per day in sedentary people. Even in athletes it might be necessary to double this amount.


Piece of ginger.
Large onions: 1.
Can of pineapple in syrup.
Cup of apple juice.
5 tablespoons of brown sugar.
1 kilogram of pork ribs.

Delicious recipe for ribs with pineapple

Pork ribs pair very well with sweet and sour flavors, allowing recipes to vary.

Step by Step

The first thing is to chop the onion and ginger, as finely as possible. They are placed in a pot by placing the pork rib on top, well cut into individual portions. The apple juice and pineapple syrup are then heated, subsequently adding the sugar until it dissolves completely.

This broth will be poured over the ribs in the pot and a simmering process will begin. It is important that the cooking lasts at least 5 hours, in order to get the meat to soften and that the final result is optimal.

Once the time is up, add the sliced ​​pineapple and keep the pot on the fire for about 10 more minutes. In this way the flavors are well integrated.

Prepare ribs with pineapple

Preparing ribs with pineapple is easy. While it is true that it can be time-consuming due to the need for simmering, it is not necessary to apply any complex culinary techniques that require special skill.

For this reason, we recommend that you try both variants. Its flavor will not leave you indifferent, since it does not resemble any other meat preparation that you have tried before.

It is an excellent option to introduce into the diet of those people who do not tolerate red meat well because of its flavor. The daily protein intake is improved without losing quality.