6 tips for storing towels

Do you want to have the cupboards in your house more organized? Towels have probably become enemies to achieve this goal. In this article we will teach you how to store and care for them properly.

6 tips for storing towels

Towels are an essential tool in every home. They are used to dry the skin or surfaces. However, they usually take up a lot of space. Know, then, some tips to store towels, optimize space and keep your closets organized.

Towels are typically made from fabrics like terry, cotton, or terrycloth. They are spongy and absorbent materials that allow the body to dry gently. Anyway, microfiber towels are becoming more and more popular: a lighter, lighter, faster drying and less fluffy material.

There are also Turkish towels, which are made of natural materials such as cotton, silk, and bamboo. They are much lighter than the others and can be more hygienic because their fibers do not accumulate as much moisture.

Varieties of towels

In addition to classifying towels by the type of material, they can be classified by the function they fulfill. Here are the types of towels that you should have in your home, as they will be useful in different contexts:

Beach towel: it is an extra large towel that provides a place to lie on the beach and that serves to dry the body after entering the sea or the pool. In this case, those made of microfiber may be more practical, as they are easier to pack in the suitcase.
Bath towel: they are usually about 60 by 120 centimeters in size. It is a very absorbent material. Because they are used daily, they are the ones that wear out the fastest.
Towel for the face: they are used specifically to clean the face after washing it at night. Due to their use in a delicate area, they are the ones that should be washed more frequently.
Towel for hands or feet: these are small towels, about 30 by 60 centimeters. They are usually hung in the bathroom to dry your hands after washing or are placed on the floor to avoid slipping when you get out of the shower.
Bathrobe: it is a type of bathrobe-shaped towel that allows you to dry the body and stay in a towel for a long time.

6 tips for storing towels

Hand towels are placed next to the sink to fulfill their function. They are small.

Tips for storing towels

Taking into account the types you have in your home, it is important to classify them to store towels by size, function and color. You cannot mix those used to dry the floor with those used to cleanse the face.

After taking inventory and grouping them by use, you may not know how to make them fit in your closet and make room for bedding or other items. However, there are some tricks to keep them in order.

1. Roll them up

With the aim of optimizing the spaces to store the towels, after classifying them according to use, the ideal is to fold them in half and then roll them up. You can then place them vertically in wicker or fabric baskets, to give order and harmony to the cabinets.

2. Optimize bathroom spaces
In order to gain space in the cabinets and have towels or bathroom items with independent storage, it is useful to consider the installation of a cabinet under the sink, in which we can place the towels ordered by size.

3. Install shelves
If you do not have the possibility of installing a cabinet under the wash, another option is the shelves. They allow you to place baskets for rolled towels on top. Make sure they are pretty baskets to add to the decor.

4. Hang them
Towels are often folded and stored in a closet. However, if you don’t have enough space there are hooks.

You can fold them in half and put two for each hook. Turkish towels will suit this storage style perfectly. Also, it is much more effective to hang the bathrobe or gown than to fold it.

5. Distribute them in the cabinets
When you do not have the possibility of having a place in the bathroom for towels, you should resort to the closets. A useful and harmonious way is to store them in a case or lining. Before it is necessary to fold them in half and make a fold in each corner, envelope style.

6. Create a linen cabinet
Many houses or apartments are made with a linen cabinet to store bedding and towels. If you don’t have it, it’s a good idea to build one.

You can buy a storage cabinet that has multiple functions. In this way, it will be used to store the lingerie and to decorate.

Mistakes to avoid to keep your towels in good condition

Towels are perfect for the development of pathogens due to their characteristics: they stay moist, they are absorbent and they can be hung in the bathroom. Research published in the American Journal of Public Health looked at the growth of bacteria on towels and found that Turkish towels are more hygienic because they don’t grow as many bacteria.

Do not wash it frequently

This is a common mistake that can put your health at risk. Dirty towels are a threat from disease-causing microorganisms. Therefore, it is advisable to wash them frequently: at least once a week.

Using towels to remove makeup

Many times, at night, she washes her face with mild soap to remove makeup. However, if the wash is not done thoroughly, the makeup can stain the towel. Especially if they are light colored towels.

Mix with the rest of the clothes in the wash

The towels are made of special fabrics, so it is important not to mix them with the rest of the clothes, since they can leave them full of specks. They can also stain if mixed with other colorfast materials.

6 tips for storing towels

You have to differentiate towels from other clothes when washing, as they can ruin them.

Using traditional fabric softeners or bleaches

Although towels tend to become less soft with use, do not be tempted to add fabric softener, as this causes them to lose their absorbent power. In addition, industrials have harmful effects on the environment.

However, you can produce your own homemade fabric softener that is eco-friendly and friendly to your towels. In this way, you contribute to your economy and the planet.

Using the drying machine

Although it may not seem like it, towels are delicate implements. If you put them in the drying machine, the heat can spoil their fibers. So it is advisable to spread them very well in the sun or in a ventilated area so that they dry well.

Use towels personally

Now that you know the types of towels and their care, it is necessary that you bear in mind that the towel is an implement for personal use. Even when it comes to hand drying, ideally each member of the family has their own.

If you have a towel in a common bathroom, it is advisable to wash it frequently, as it is very easy for a person to transfer bacteria to it. Especially if you do not do a proper hand washing.