6 tips for choosing the dining room table

The dining room table is one of the most relevant pieces of furniture in the home. We show you which are the basic principles that you must follow for such an important choice.

6 tips for choosing the dining room table

Choosing a dining table is a matter not to be taken lightly. The furniture will be for a long time the meeting place with your loved ones to taste delicious dishes, Christmas dinners and even share snacks and anecdotes.

Undoubtedly, the dining room is one of the most relevant spaces in the home, so today you will find various options on the market. However, be careful! As beautiful as it may seem to you, you must ensure that it fits your needs. We help you with 6 basic rules.

1. Measure the dining room space

This is the easiest way you have to determine the space you have for your new table. In this way, you can accurately choose the dimensions and design.

Take into account all the objects and other furniture that will be adjacent to the dining room. In these cases, precision is necessary.

To ensure good mobility it is recommended that there be at least 1 meter distance from the edge of the table against all directions. Save yourself headaches by not choosing a fabulous table that due to its dimensions forces you to make maneuvers to make it work.

2. Choose the most appropriate way

Certain table shapes harmonize better with the available space. Thus, the basic rules by which some interior designers are guided are the following:

Square and round tables are ideal for square spaces, not so in rectangular rooms, as they give the feeling of narrowness.
Rectangular or oval tables harmonize very well in elongated or rectangular spaces. Not so in square rooms; these are usually uncomfortable for diners.

6 tips for choosing the dining room table

The choice of the dining table is important. You have to consider the square meters of the space and the shape.

3. Take materials into account

Style and taste are very personal. However, you must take into account some factors that will make a difference in the useful life that your dining table can have. Do you have children at home? A waterproof fabric is a good option.

If everything will revolve around your table, choose durable materials. Solid wood and thick glass resist scratches and other accidents very well. Another reasonable option is a table with a ceramic top; they are fashionable and have proven to be durable.

4. The base is also important

Believe it or not, the base greatly influences the comfort when sitting at the table. If you want to seat multiple people in unison, opt for a pedestal base. It will provide you with space to accommodate your feet. In the same way, this type of dining room helps you free up space in case your house is small.

5. Don’t put the chairs aside

Keep in mind that chairs are usually the first item on the table to be damaged. So it is a good idea to buy models that are not difficult to replace.

The combination of seating in the dining room has become popular, such as elongated benches or armchairs with headboards, for example. Opt for dark fabrics if you have children, as the stains detract from the beauty of the space.

6. Go for a timeless color choice

The length of your dining room will also be married to the color you choose. Take care that the tones can work with future decoration changes. Gray, brown, black, and white are classics that can work well with most palettes.

Advantages and disadvantages of dining tables depending on the shape
The two most popular table styles are round and square, however these have some drawbacks that, in some cases, are irreconcilable. Learn more about it.

Advantages of having a round dining table

The absence of corners in round dining rooms make them more welcoming, to the point of enlivening and encouraging conversations. Its shape makes it easy to see between diners.

It is common for this style of dining rooms to only have one pedestal, which will avoid difficulties with the table legs and the lack of surface corners. They may reduce the risk of accidents.

Disadvantages of choosing a round dining table

In a rectangular or narrow space, they disharmonize the round tables, since they make it tighter and reduce the possibility of moving. If you consider taping it to the wall to make room for traffic, you will have to lose a position in exchange. And this will not make her look good.

Its diameter should be wide if you are looking to seat several people at the same time. This translates into having a very large table for the space you have available. Its shape also makes it impossible to add other chairs or attach another table to them.

Advantages of having a square dining table

A square dining room looks great in a minimalist style home. It becomes more elegant if you add thick glass to its surface. This style of table gives you the possibility to play with space; without worries you can stick it to the wall or to a corner.

Also, if the number of guests becomes more than usual, you just have to add another table of the same style to lengthen it. So they all share dinner in unison.

Disadvantages of choosing a square dining table

Without detriment to the above, the dimensions of the square tables are somewhat small, since they are intended for square spaces in houses or apartments. On the other hand, its corners become inconvenient for children.

In the same way, if there are unexpected guests and having to incorporate chairs, whoever has to sit in the corner will find it somewhat uncomfortable.

6 tips for choosing the dining room table

Square and round tables serve specific purposes, but rectangular are the most versatile.

Advantages of rectangular dining rooms

If you have the space, try a 6- or 8-seat rectangular dining room. They are a good option for those who usually receive many guests.

Without a doubt, they increase the number of seats by incorporating a few chairs. This without detriment to the comfort of others.

Disadvantages of rectangular tables

Rectangular tables are usually very large and take up a lot of space, so they don’t look good in every home. Their inclusion can give the feeling of tightness and discomfort.

How to choose the ideal dining table

A dining room can elevate the home decor if it has the dimensions and design that fit the intended space. Only a judicious choice can be of great use.

The same rules do not apply to all houses. Try to guide yourself by some basic principles. One of them is to take into account the space you have.