5 tricks to save a wet cell phone

When a mobile gets wet, one may think that there is no solution to save it. However, there are some actions that help reverse the situation. Discover in this article 5 tricks!

5 tricks to save a wet cell phone

One of the most recurrent fears is that the mobile will come into contact with water and its useful life will end. The reasons can be multiple, such as putting the device in a swimming pool, leaving it exposed to a torrential rain or falling into the toilet. However, a few actions could save a wet cell phone.

Acting quickly is essential to have a chance of recovering it, because with an immediate reaction you can prevent water from seeping into the most delicate areas. The possible tricks that will help save a wet cell phone are detailed below.

1. Turn off the cell phone

If the mobile got wet when it was on, the first thing to do is to turn it off urgently. The rush of wanting to keep using it is the most lethal enemy during these cases, as the water can cause a short circuit and melt it.

Also, the battery, SIM card, and SD cards must be removed. In this way, the water will not settle in these elements.

2. Dry the cell phone in detail

After the cell phone is turned off, you must proceed to dry the entire device with a soft cloth. It is important to note that a towel should be chosen that will not scratch the materials or shed cotton residue.

The drying process must be carried out in the exterior and interior areas, since the intention is that there is no water stored in any of the folds. In the same way, all the grooves have to be left open and free so that they can dry.

Also using cold air vacuum cleaners is very useful because it helps with the traces of water that the cloth could not remove. It is recommended to leave the cell phone, the battery and the SIM card on absorbent towels to help suck up the impregnated liquid.

5 tricks to save a wet cell phone

A microfiber cloth, such as those often used to clean glasses, is a good absorbent option that leaves no residue.

3. Put the cell phone in a bowl with rice

The rice technique is one of the most performed and it is not a myth. This food has the characteristic of absorbing water.

Even so, it must be clarified that in some cases it has served to save a wet cell phone and in others it has not. It depends on how advanced the damage is.

To carry out this solution, the cell phone has to be placed in a container that has a large quantity of rice. It is important that the mobile is left free of casings and accessories that block ventilation and drying.

The recommended time for the cell phone to remain in the rice ranges between 24 and 48 hours. Likewise, it is essential that the person change the positions of the terminal so that moisture is absorbed from all areas.

4. Use silica gel bags

Silica gel is an absorbent pack that has long been used by clothing, shoe, and luggage companies to remove traces of moisture from their products. As a result, it is very common to find this element inside new garments.

It can be a great alternative to save cell damage because it dries the environment and absorbs considerable amounts of water, even more than rice. In this way, what has to be done is to accommodate the cell phone in a container and cover it with several bags of silica. The recommended time is also 1 to 2 days maximum.

5. Use cat litter

Cat litter is another great liquid absorbent. Therefore, it can be one of the saves to repair wet cell phones.

This technique has come to be used in specialized cell phone companies. What you should do is leave the mobile device in a bag that contains a good amount of sand and wait for it to act.

3 things to avoid when trying to save a wet cell phone

Just as there are various tricks to try to save a wet cell phone, there are actions that can make the situation worse. Here are 3 facts to avoid.

1. Shake the mobile device

One of the most frequent mistakes is to start moving the cell phone intensely or in multiple directions. What is achieved is that the water continues to travel throughout the device and penetrates areas that had not been wet before.

In the same way, blowing is not recommended, because that way it is not possible to dry the mobile, but the movement of water continues to expand.

2. Use heat

Hair dryers are not an ally of wet cell phones, as the temperature can overheat some connections and cause irreparable damage. In addition to this, it is not recommended to leave it near devices that transmit constant and excessive heat.

5 tricks to save a wet cell phone

Hair dryers and hand dryers, if you are in a public bathroom, do not improve the situation. This type of heat is not recommended.

3. Turn on the cell phone

The cell phone cannot be turned on again until all of the water has been expelled and dried. Otherwise, the only thing that can be achieved by manipulating the device out of desperation is to exhaust its useful life.

Controlling despair is vital to saving a wet cell phone

Uncertainty, despair and lack of patience take hold of people when their cell phone has suffered a water accident. However, although you must act immediately, you must avoid the realization of some events that seem to facilitate the process, but end up making the situation worse.

The heat from microwaves, dryers and stoves should not be considered to dry up the water that fell on the cell phone. In the midst of the chaos, perhaps someone might think that this action reduces times, but the truth is that it overheats the electrical components and generates shorts.

In addition, respecting the drying times is one of the essential factors so that the tricks of rice, silica gel and cat litter have a better chance of giving favorable results.