How to prepare breaded mushrooms

Whether you are a true fan of mushrooms, or if they are not one of your favorite ingredients, we encourage you to prepare this empanadas recipe. A marvel thanks to its flavor and texture.

How to prepare breaded mushrooms

One of the most typical activities in autumn is going out to look for mushrooms. But enjoying this delicious and nutritious ingredient is no longer exclusive to this time of year: thanks to cultivation it is possible to prepare a plate of breaded mushrooms whenever you feel like it.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we encourage you to go in search of some good specimens and get down to work. Following the steps that we indicate you get some crunchy and honeyed mushrooms to lick your fingers.

A recipe with mushrooms easy and quick to prepare

Mushrooms are a food of plant origin that are often related to the group of greens and vegetables. But in reality they are not true plants, but rather belong to the biological group of fungi.

In gastronomy they are valued for having a fleshy texture and a deep taste that intensifies the flavor of the dishes. They are very useful and versatile in the kitchen. In addition, it is a light and nutritious ingredient. In creams, broths, accompanying legumes or meat stews; any way of eating them is exceptional.

The breaded mushroom recipe is suitable for all levels of culinary experience, as its difficulty is very low. With a good raw material and the right breading, the result is a creamy interior and a crunchy exterior.

Ingredients needed to make the breaded mushrooms

2 eggs
100 grams of breadcrumbs.
Extra virgin olive oil.
Mushrooms: the type and quantity of mushrooms chosen may vary depending on whether they are prepared for an aperitif, a side or a starter. It will also depend on the size of them.

How to prepare breaded mushrooms

Mushrooms are varied and the choice depends on taste. This will determine the quantity for the patties.

Step by step to cook breaded mushrooms
This dish is one of the easiest and fastest to prepare. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare everything and about 10 more minutes to cook. Let’s go step by step:

1.To start with the recipe it is better to prepare everything you need. Place a plate with the beaten egg, another with the breadcrumbs on the side and an empty dish where to place the mushrooms.
2.Then remove the soil, wash and dry the mushrooms well. They can be left whole or cut into smaller pieces, according to the taste of each one. It is preferable to clean them just before cooking, otherwise changes in their color may appear.
3.Pass the mushrooms in the beaten egg, then in the breadcrumbs (making sure they are well covered over the entire surface) and place on the free tray.
4.While breading, put a pan with olive oil over medium heat. In this way it acquires the perfect temperature to start frying.
5.Add one at a time to the pan and in small batches to prevent the oil from getting cold. Cook until they get a toasted color on both sides, being careful not to burn the breadcrumbs.
6.Let drain on absorbent paper.
Accompany with the chosen sauces. One of those that offers the best combination of flavors is aioli.
This is a dish that should be prepared and served just before eating to fully enjoy the flavor and texture of breaded mushrooms. In principle, it does not have to be an impediment, since they cook quite easily and quickly.

What are the benefits of mushrooms?

Mushrooms are a highly appreciated food in gastronomy and have true fans. All of them are low in fat and calories, provide fiber and other nutrients (B vitamins, selenium, phosphorus and potassium).

But its interest extends beyond the nutritional, due to the presence of other substances, such as polyphenols, carotenes, polysaccharides and indoles. For these reasons it is very interesting to introduce them into the daily diet and consume them often, along with a good variety of vegetables.

Positive for the gut microbiota

The polysaccharides found in mushrooms serve as food for intestinal bacteria and exert a prebiotic effect. In recent years, the microbiota has been the object of study and has been linked to several benefits.

Protection against oxidative stress

Oxidation processes are necessary for the body, but free radicals are generated which, in excess, are involved in the appearance of various diseases. Some of them are autoimmune disorders, cancer, premature aging, and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative problems.

In most mushrooms there are several components (selenium and phenolic compounds) with an antioxidant capacity that allows to neutralize these damages.

Beta glucans

Beta glucans are natural compounds that can be part of the diet when they come from foods such as mushrooms, oats or yeast. They can also be taken in the form of supplements and are considered safe.

These have multiple benefits in the body that have been observed in animal and human trials. Among others, they lower blood cholesterol, increase cardiovascular protection, reduce the risk of osteoporosis and stimulate the immune system.

How to prepare breaded mushrooms

Mushrooms have antioxidants, beta glucans for the microbiota and fiber to treat constipation.

Insoluble fiber source

Dietary fiber is essential for optimal body function and good health. Among its main contributors are legumes, fruit, whole grains, vegetables and also mushrooms.

The substance has the ability to increase the volume of stool and promote its passage through the intestinal tract. This is why it is of interest to people with constipation problems.

Likewise, diets with a significant presence of this component have been linked to greater control of body weight and a reduction in the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

All the details to obtain breaded mushrooms

The wild mushrooms collected during the fall are a true gastronomic delight. In addition, thanks to the cultivation it is already possible to find some varieties out of season. In this way you can enjoy its exquisite flavor and benefits throughout the year.

When choosing them it is essential to make sure they are very fresh. The best specimens are those that are whole, without color changes or mold on the surface.

Once at home, the ideal place to keep them is the fridge, inside an opaque and open bag to prevent moisture from concentrating. It is preferable not to let more than a week pass before cooking them.

To prepare this recipe for breaded mushrooms, it is possible to choose the preferred variety of each one, although the best results are obtained with those with a finer shape. So go to the market for yours and try them tomorrow!