Gymnastics for pregnant women: good exercises during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a period of rest unless it is by medical prescription. If it is a risk-free gestation, we must remain active to combat overweight and facilitate delivery. However, it is essential to opt for proper gymnastics for pregnant women.

good exercises during pregnancy

Also, keep in mind that if you practice sports regularly, this habit will also help you recover after birth. All are advantages, that’s why we share the best exercises you can do during these months of sweet waiting.

Before starting

What intensity?

good exercises during pregnancy

The most advisable thing would be to attend specific classes for pregnant women or to perform moderate physical exercise.

The intensity of the exercise will always depend on medical indications. However, the level of exercise practiced by women before they are pregnant will also be important.

In general, moderate intensity is recommended. For example, this allows us to breathe or speak comfortably. We can perform, for example, half-hour sessions, 4 times a week.

Warming and stretching in gymnastics for pregnant women
We should never start doing cold sports, let alone during pregnancy. Our body is changing in terms of weight and shape. Therefore, the first step of gymnastics for pregnant women will be to stretch gently.

Once we have stretched, we will never start the exercise abruptly. We will always do it gradually, allowing the muscles to warm up. If we tend to suffer cramps or have a tendency to injury, we must be very careful. A good option is the gymnastics in the water.

Other previous tips

  • Drink plenty of water or natural drinks during exercise.
  • Always inform the instructor of our pregnancy status. Activities specifically aimed at pregnant women are a good option.
  • Avoid sports that involve falling risks or perform them with the utmost caution.
    When you lack motivation, since gymnastics will involve more effort than before, do not forget about its benefits. It could help you to improve some common discomforts of pregnancy, such as constipation, swelling of the feet or nerves.

Gymnastics for pregnant women

1. Exercise for the pelvic floor

good exercises during pregnancy

Pelvic floor exercises allow better control of contractions during labor.

The pelvic floor is a set of muscles and ligaments that close the abdominal cavity in its lower part. Exercising it is very important to compensate for the weight gain that this part of the body has to endure and that it will be the protagonist during childbirth. It also helps fight urinary incontinence.

  • This exercise can be done lying down, standing or sitting. Even sitting on a pilates ball or football.
    To begin with, inhale and, as we exhale, force as if we were squeezing the anus and vagina as if we were
  • holding back. Try to keep us like this for 10 seconds.
  • Exhale and relax, becoming aware of all the pelvic floor unstressed.
  • Do 3 sets of 8 repetitions throughout the day. In addition, they can be done at any time with discretion.
  • 2. Gymnastics for pregnant women: Exercise to relax the lumbar
    We will get on all fours, with hands at shoulder height and knees at the hips. The back should be straight. In yoga, it is known as the cat’s posture.
  • Inhale and, taking out the air little by little, press the abdomen inwards and arch your back like a cat, and stay a few seconds while we finish exhaling.
  • The head hides towards the chest. We must feel this exercise vertebra to vertebra since we want to give mobility to the back and relax all the pressure that supports the lumber.
  • When inhaling, we return to the initial position, taking into account not to take out the belly, but to remain in a neutral position.
  • Do 10 repetitions, at least twice a day.
  • When finished, sit on your ankles and stretch your arms on the ground forward to rest.

3. Exercise for the pelvis, abdomen and lumbar

good exercises during pregnancy

Lumbar exercises allow reducing the discomfort on the back so frequent in pregnancy.

  • First of all, support your back well against the wall and bend your knees a little.
    Next, imagine that we want to push the navel in until it touches the wall. We will see how the pelvis
  • makes a movement to raise the pubis while we exhale.
  • Stay like this for about 5 seconds and get all the air out.
  • Then, return to the initial position while inhaling.
  • Repeat 10 times twice a day.