4 Simple Ways to Immediately End Bad Habits

Most of us have bad habits that we aren’t proud of, so if your struggling with bad habits, rest assured that you’re not alone. Bad habits can be incredibly difficult to stop thanks to the fact that most of our habits are buried deep within our subconscious and a majority of the time we don’t even recognize when we engage in them.

4 Simple Ways to Immediately End Bad Habits

If you want to break your bad habits, follow these four simple ways to end them immediately.

1. Label the Habit

What bad habit are you trying to eliminate? Whatever the habit may be, whether it is overeating, procrastination, smoking, cursing, or something else, it is essential that you specify the habit that you are trying to change. You may think that identifying your habit is overly simplistic, but it is crucial if you want to end them. Habits are so powerful because they enter our consciousness rarely. Putting a label on them is a way to direct your energy and attention toward unwanted behavior.

2. Find the Reward

If you smoke, what is the reward that you get from smoking? Most smokers will say that the biggest draw of smoking is the stress relieve one gets. The problem with the reward of smoking is that it isn’t going to last. Going one step further, our rewards for bad habits tend to turn to regret, which in turn produces more stress, which has a way of reinforcing your bad habits.

3. Be Self-Aware

This step gets to the crux of your bad habit: the triggers. You need to be able to identify what triggers the bad habit so you can figure out how to cut the habitual impulse off before it can take hold. Looking again at the habit of smoking, the body is more likely to crave the relaxing effects of the nicotine when it experiences stress. When you can observe your inner state, you are less likely to engage in bad habits.

4. Be Mindful

When you can develop an attitude of mindfulness, ending a bad habit can be viewed as a journey. The reason is simple; we are our worst critics. Your attitude, and how you feel about your attitude, will determine whether or not you can kick the habit.

When you are trying to break a bad habit, it is essential that you remain calm and embrace the difficulty of the process. Following these four tips, you can stop your bad habit for good.