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Top Most Beautiful Danish Women

Top Most Beautiful Danish Women

Top Most Beautiful Danish Women

Denmark is a country with the history that mentioned in each country books. Even though we cannot compare somebody beauty, we have prepared a list of 15 gorgeous women from Denmark.


15. Louise Pedersen

Louise Pedersen

Pedersen is a fashion model (born on November 17, 1981) spanning one decade. The fashion model was working as a waiter in a close restaurant. The head of “2 pm Model Management” spotted the unique looking women in the central railway.

Louise disallowed the offer politely, but she left Norway to travel to Copenhagen to meet the modeling agency. The modeling career begin, and she ended up being one of the successful models in the country.


14. Caroline Brasch Nielsen

Caroline Brasch Nielsen - Danish model

Nielsen (21 June 1993) is a popular face in Denmark because she was the face of Valentino & Marc Jacobs. Caroline worked for years as a model, and she earned a contract with Victoria’s Secret lingerie brand.

Brasch is a successful model, who signed numerous contracts in beauty & fitness category such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle.


13. Maria Gregersen


Maria Gregersen

Maria (21 December 1983) is a Danish fashion model seemed in reputed magazines such as Marie Claire, ELLE, Eurowoman, and Madame. The Danish beauty was working as a model for a very long time, and she is a successful model in Denmark.


12. Beate Bille

Beate Bille - Danish actress

Bille is a popular (17 November 1976) Danish female actor in the country, and she is known for winning a Shooting Star Award at the 2006 Berlin International Film Festival.

The contribution in the film industry has earned her the fame and the audience could not stop looking at mesmerizing looks.

Bille is the daughter of actor Joen & art historian Bente Scavenius. Various people don’t know that she belongs to the ancient noble Bille family.


11. Mia Rosing

Mia Rosing - Danish fashion model

Mia (19 December 1983) established her career in 1998 by winning the title of Elite Model Look Competition. Rosing ongoing to get several modeling offers from brands like Elle, TopModel, Madame Figaro, etc.

The Danish model career took off, and she is the new face in the town, back in the days. People appreciated the looks of Rosing due to striking native looks & facial features.


10. Barbara Zatler

Barbara Zatler - Danish celebrity

Barbara is a (November 7, 1980) Danish female actor, model, and a skilled person. Zatler ongoing her career as a model in 2002, and she begins the journey with big dreams.

The actress impressed worldwide fashion experts and earned the contracts to appear on popular magazines in Denmark. Barbara puts a lot of effort to ensure that she gets more opportunity in future.


9. Amanda Norgaard

Amanda Norgaard

Norgaard is a Danish fashion model worked with reputed brands such as V magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, etc. The fashion model featured in English indie rock band The Vaccines song “Nogaard” in 2011.

Amanda moderate success helped her gain supplementary modeling contracts in the future. However, she could not create it as a successful model in Denmark. The Danish model is focusing on yoga & medication as part of her life.


8. Christina Mikkelsen

Christina Mikkelsen - Danish model

The Miss Universe Denmark 2016 (19 September 1992) winner, Mikkelsen won the pageant title and prepared it to the list of most beautiful Danish women.

The young Entrepreneur stood upon the throne as Miss Universe 2016 in Manila, the Philippines on 30 January 2017. However, the committee stripped from the title because she was accused of money laundering.

Christina roped in the criminal charges after ex-boyfriend £80 million yachts seized by the officials.


7. Agnete Hegelund

Agnete Hegelund - Danish fashion model

Hegelund Danish fashion model (10 March 1988) worked with major brands such as Vogue, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.

Agnete received an offer to appear on British Harper’s Bazaar editorial deal, and it boosted her career in the modeling industry.

German Elle magazine roped her in the deal, and it established her career as a prosperous model in Denmark.


6. Ena Sandra

Ena Sandra

Sandra is a Danish fashion model from Sonderborg, who worked as a model for various brands in the past. Ena recognized by the fashion industry after winning the title of Miss Universe Denmark 2010.

Sandra started to get plenty of gigs from various parts of the world. Later on, she participated with the social communities to fight for the cancer-affected children charities.

The golden heart model is the ambassador of (Families with children with cancer) FMKB.


5. Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal - Danish model

Agdal rose to fame and the credits go to her charming looks and beauty. The most beautiful Danish women signed various contracts to represent brands like Victoria’s Secret, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, etc. The Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit Issue” featured her in the “Rookie of the Year” magazine.


4. Helena Heuser

Helena Heuser - Model

Heuser (13 November 1996) displays the definition of beauty, and she secured the title of beauty pageant Miss Denmark 2016.

The irresistible looks of the young lady encouraged the “Miss Denmark organization” led by National Director Lisa Lents to add her in 2018 jury panel. Aside from modeling contracts, Helena works as a mentor & casting assistant.

Heuser aspiring to become the next top model in Denmark, and the 2016 winner again proved that no one is capable enough to dethrone her in Miss Universe Denmark 2018 finale.


3. Nadja Bender

Nadja Bender - Danish model

Bender (3 June 1990) is a popular Danish fashion model. Nadja is known for working with brands similar Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, etc.

The Danish model established her image as a successful model within a short time, and it happened after working with global brands.

The angelic looks helped her grow a massive amount of attention from the people, and it helped the career grow rapidly.


2. Josephine Skriver


Josephine Skriver - Danish model

Skriver is the most successful (14 April 1993) Danish model in this list, and various fashion gurus know her globally. Josephine worked with worldwide brands like Marie Claire, Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and more.

Many gurus tell the story of Skriver as flawless beauty in the industry. The model continually stood up for the LGBT community in her country, and she stated that the day would come when the LGBT community accepted by everybody.

In 2013, Josephine started dating American musician Alexander DeLeon, and the couple announced engagement on November 2018. Currently, Skriver living with Alexander in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.


1. Maja Krag

Maja Krag - Model

The debate of Krag (born 1995) being attractive & compared to the Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie keep goes on. Specific men find Maja attractive and some men don’t find her attractive. The confidence that Maja brings on the stage is undoubtedly flawless, and she is one of the beautiful women in Danish correct now.

Krag is not as successful as other models in the list, and there are no records of her competing in beauty contests. The interesting part is that she tied with the modeling as a career at the tender age of 8-years-old.

Krag getting ongoing in the Danish modeling industry, and no one knows Krag next moves that will lead her to fame in the industry.