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Resolume Avenue 6.1.0 (macOS)

Resolume Avenue 6.1.0 (macOS)
Resolume Avenue 6.1.0 (macOS)
Avenue 6 is an instrument for VJs, performers and visual artists. Avenue provides you with all the media and effects at your fingertips so you can quickly play and improvise live visuals.
Idel is suitable for a local club or a big stage. You can use any number of video outputs. From a simple projection behind the back of a DJ in your club to the main stage at the big festival. If only your computer can detect the output of the image, Resolume can use it.

Basic features: 

mixing HD Video live.
intuitive interface.
rendering in real time.
Blackmagic devices support.
audio analysis.
enables operation through a MIDI controller or OSC application
it plays both video and audio files.
has effects for both image and sound.
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