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Rebel Cops APK MOD 1.5 Android Game

Rebel Cops APK

Rebel Cops APK MOD 1.5

Type Android Game | Language English | Total size 572.7 MB

This forces a lot of rogue police to turn rogue and employ guerilla tactics to dismantle Zuev’s operations. It’s a good premise, but the plot is more like a collection of scenarios meant to reinforce the fact that Zuev and his men are really bad. Your police squad is even more one-dimensional. They have individual portraits and names, but they lack a backstory or relationship to each other beyond being a band of oppressed vigilantes.

Instead of having a certain amount of health, both your squad and your enemies suffer damage to body parts, such as their hands or feet, preventing attack and movement, respectively. Injured characters have a bloody countdown that will kill them in several turns. Headshots kill instantly.

Just like in XCOM, you can reduce your chances of getting hit if you cover yourself partially or fully, but enemies still regularly shoot at me from long distances while in full cover. You’ll need to stock up on better gear, such as bullet-proof vests that can absorb additional damage and batons that stun enemies, allowing you to make arrests and earn Rebel Points that can be spent on tactical bonuses mid-mission.

The main missions offer a great combination of objectives. In a scenario Side missions offer additional challenges such as reaching a hostage in a certain number of turns. Rebel Cops APK MOD is a solid tactics game with a cool premise and fun mission design. The plot may be missing, but it is still correct by genre and is distinguished from the series that generated it.

What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money/Skills

Requires Android: 6.0 and Up

Version: 1.5


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