Multiple Business Locations Affect SEO

Multiple Business Locations Affect SEO

Optimizing your only location business website is easy, however, having many locations can create a challenge for you. Targeting potential buyers with local SEO is essential for increasing the visibility of your location and making a sale. When you have more than one business location, search engine optimization is artificial.

The question now, does it hurt or help SEO? It can go both methods. If you don’t have a solid local SEO foundation in place, your sites might suffer a bit. You want each landing page to be well-optimized and perform glowing for your local business to strive.

Fine tuning your landing pages is vital to make SEO work for you. While there is not one perfect layout, here are several good practices you should follow to see maximum results:

  • Engaging Page Headlines. You need to be sure you’re utilizing the correct keywords within your headlines. Your goal is to engage the viewer and letting them know why they should select your business above local competitors.
  • Product Features and Benefits. You’ll obviously need to talk about the product or service that you offer on your location landing page. Touch base on the features and let the client see how it will be of benefit to them.
  • Add a Map.A location map is significant for your landing pages to give customers a solid idea of where you’re located. We encourage you to go the extra mile and deliver driving directions within this map. Customers will like this feature and it will bring additional traffic to your business.
  • Call to Action.So, what happens when a client needs to get in touch with you? Are you offering them a method to contact you that’s simple for them? Perhaps you need to include a form or phone number on your page to ensure maximum results for local business inquiries.
  • Viewers love to read (positive) reviews and feedback from preceding buyers. This proves to them that you are reliable and can offer excessive services.

These are all elements to consider bringing forward the greatest landing pages for your business. Other things you want to be sure you’re doing for both page is optimizing your content, meta descriptions, keywords, and title tags.

You need to be sure your location pages are discoverable by search engines like Google by submitting a Sitemap to Google. If you personalize and optimize each one of them to fit the location, you’ll witness the maximum results.

Hiring an SEO Specialist

If you are unsure about how to manyage your online landing pages, reflect hiring an SEO expert to help. They will be able to help you succeed your website and pages for multiple locations. They will help you avoid the chief mistake of including all business information on one master landing page.

Multiple Business Locations Affect SEO

Instead, a qualified professional will create a separate page for each and optimize them accordingly to avoid them from being matching. They’ll include all simple information, customer reviews, a Google map, among other significant SEO elements.

Resources like Chatmeter can profit you by collecting and analyzing the data brought forward by customers. This feedback will help you recover customer experience and this company helps with this chief process! They offer widgets, survey templates, and so much extra to promote your brand and place fresh content on your location page.

We hope this controller has given you specific insight on how to manage your landing pages when dealing with many locations. SEO does not have to be affected if you have additional than one landing page. Just be guaranteed to follow these practices and you’ll warning the results in no time!