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5 Kitchen Gadgets That You NEED


1. Kitchen Display System

Greatest of the bottlenecks in the cooking line begins in the back of the house at the cooking stations. Having an automated Kitchen Display System that updates all and each order as it comes in revenues that the interaction between the wait staff and the chef is minimised which means they can every concentrate solely on their jobs and not annoy each other with questions each couple of minutes.

Having a kitchen display system too means that cooks can update both order as it goes through the several stages of cooking which means that as a manager, it becomes easy to identify bottlenecks in the cooking procedure and remedy them.

2. A POS System



There are multiple benefits to having a POS system over a traditional cash register the greatest of which is that it reduces the wait time for customers by a large margin. There is of course too the added advantage of reducing human errors which means bills can be processed faster and customer satisfaction is too higher.


Also greatest modern POS terminals allow card and contactless payments to be made through debit, credit cards and even mobile wallets which adds an additional layer of convenience for the millennial consumer.

3. A Dedicated App For Customer Management

A dedicated app for your eatery can help a lot with customer management as it let you control the influx of patrons inside the restaurant and permits you to plan the inventory and staff according to the number of guests you are expecting.

Also with the restaurant wait app at their discarding patrons can know when the restaurant would be free and have tables existing leading to minor ques and happier customers.

4. Inventory Management

Running out of a specific ingredient is probably the worst nightmare for any cafeteria owner as that throws the entire front and back of the house into chaos, not to mention that customers are left annoyed and dissatisfied with the dining experience.

All of this can be avoided quite basically by installing an inventory management system that works in conjunction with the Kitchen Display Systems to make sure that the chefs are constantly aware of what items are left in the inventory.

Some of the more advanced ones even feature an online service that can order stocks of food for items which are running low so as to save the cooking line running smoothly no matter what.

5. Controller

Finally we have the controller, the brain of the restaurant that ties all these individual components composed and makes sure that all is saved running without any major clashes or breakdowns.

This is normally a high end computer that also permits the manager and the owners to have a birds eye view of the entire operation which is crucial when it comes to making significant business decisions.

After all, no stuff how good the technology is, at the end of the day, it is the vision and passion of the owner and his staff that takes a restauyrant to the heights of realization.