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What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret to avoid injury?

Soccer is a sport that requires talent, mystique and intuition. However, good habits are also decisive for success. Do you want to know Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret to avoid injury? Pay attention.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's secret to avoid injury?

Being the best footballer in the world is a test of determination in every sense, since no single aspect has the capacity to guide the way to success. Thus, one of the biggest adversities of cracks are physical problems. Despite this, many wonder what Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret is to avoid injury. Fortunately, we have the answer.

To be more exact, Cristiano Ronaldo has suffered injuries in his career. However, and unlike other athletes, his loss and recovery times after physical fatalities are usually very low. This is due to a series of good habits that he has acquired throughout his career, which allows him to be fully valid at 36 years of age.

In this sense, we will begin to discover the naturalization of the triumph in the life of CR7, who is the historical top scorer for Real Madrid, the Portugal team and is already second in the race to become the greatest scorer of all time.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret to avoid injury

As we stated previously, Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret gives the impression of the absence of injuries, due to his reduced downtime. Statistics indicate that in the last 11 years of his career he has only missed more than 18 days once, a situation that was caused by the strain of the internal lateral ligament of the left knee.

Taking this privileged recovery situation as a basis to develop his habits, we immerse ourselves in the diet of the Portuguese star as the nerve center of his exceptional performance. In fact, his individual quality was again in evidence during the 2020-21 season, with his distinction as a scorer in the Italian Serie A, above Romelu Lukaku.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's secret to avoid injury?

Being one of the main scorers in all of history and of each team he plays for, it is worth wondering how he does to stay current.

Cristiano Ronaldo diet
The diet that Cristiano Ronaldo has perfected over the years presents the following sequence:

Breakfast: variations in breakfast are produced by means of fruits and juices. As a complement, toast with avocado. Also, proteins take their place in the first meal of the day with cheese, eggs and ham.
Mid-morning: The mid-morning meal is a kind of reissue of breakfast, but to a lesser extent. In this case, fruits and vegetables make an appearance again, like the inevitable toasts.
Lunch: fish and chicken are the two most frequent members of the funchal-born far left lunch. In addition, there are changes depending on whether it is the moment before a training session or a game. In these circumstances, opt for cereals or whole wheat pasta, respectively.
Snack: the silent and effective snack is solved with simplicity from the inclusion of various fruits, among which kiwi, mandarin and strawberry stand out.
Dinner: the fish base is used with the accompaniment of legumes and vegetables.
The average separation between meals is 4 hours, which helps to maintain the body mass index (BMI) according to the ideal values ​​of a high performance athlete.

Complementary physical care

After knowing the diet that leads the Portuguese to success, it is valid to delve into the complementary physical care that strengthens the equation. The 7th emphasizes rest time, being strict with the total 8 hours. The adequacy of their sleep dynamics is through several short naps until the maximum time limit is completed.

Precision at rest has the main purpose of recovering the muscles in less time. It is clear that the load of matches for the large teams that play the local competition on the weekend and the continental competition during the week, ultimately takes its toll.

After this, we find other factors that make up Cristiano Ronaldo’s great secret to distance himself from nursing. It is about the location of Pilates exercises in the middle of the body to seek strengthening. On the other hand, he goes swimming twice a week, counteracting muscle aches, increasing flexibility and enhancing endurance.

Finally, we come to the attacker’s secret weapon to reduce the risk of muscle problems. We refer to the cryotherapy chamber that accompanies it in each club. With the help of the aforementioned recovery tool, he manages to apply cold therapy to alleviate muscle aches, swelling and sprains.

What is Cristiano Ronaldo's secret to avoid injury?

The inclusion of swimming in the routine provides an aerobic exercise with multiple health benefits.

Mental health among Cristiano Ronaldo’s care

The care that concludes Cristiano Ronaldo’s secret to avoid injury lies in the avoidance of temptation in the face of appetizing but harmful foods. To this end, what is not part of the former Real Madrid diet is the following:

Sugary drinks or soft drinks.
Frozen meals.
Commercial sauces.
Industrial pastries (except for very isolated tastes for celebrations outside of competition times).
In short, we have reviewed the diet, rest and one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s muscle recovery secrets. Everything mentioned makes an alliance with mental health, through the disconnection from football spending time with his family. Up to what age will the commander continue to do his thing in the playing field?