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Top15 Great Stay At Home Date Ideas

Top15 Great Stay At Home Date Ideas

These are 15 Great Stay At Home Date Ideas.

01.Paint And Sip Idea

Paint and Sip is a great date idea for you and your spouse. It’s the same thing you do at a paint and sip outlet. All I’m saying is, bring the idea home. Just get some blank canvases, some paints, and bottles of wine. So, make the moment count with your painting exercise. Enjoy every moment of the painting. You can add other activities to spice up the moment and make it unique.

02.Food Date Idea

Here’s another at-home date idea that you and your partner can try. Simply prepare the ingredients for the meal. You can select a type of food outside of your usual. It could be something you eat from time to time. Then make the date happen in the kitchen as you show off your skills. Spice it up with light music. You can even make a food manual available. Make sure you rate the result, I mean the food.

03.Video Games Idea

You weren’t a fan of video games before now? Well, it’s another great idea to stay at home. Just check out a video game and get ready to have some fun. They play, laugh and have a lot of fun together. There are plenty of video games to choose from. These may include but are not limited to strategy, sports, etc. Choose whatever interests you and your partner. Of course with drinks and something to make the moment count.

04.Backyard Camp Idea

This is a great idea for a date at home. You can make a camp in your backyard with your partner. It gives you both experiences; you feel in a camp and at home. Greenery in your backyard can give you that campground feel. You can add other things to make it look great.

05.Puzzle Date

Make an appointment with your spouse to solve the puzzle together at home. The puzzle may seem old-fashioned or understated, but it’s a great way to have fun and make the moment great. They can be picture puzzles, an alphabet puzzle, or simply arithmetical arrangements. Whichever it is, be sure to have a good time. You can liven it up with discussions in between.

06Draw Me Out Idea

Make the date at home count by making it an engaging challenge. Simply provide drawing materials. Then take a pose of your choice and wait for your partner to pull you out. Spice up the date with a great drink, music and conversation. Artistic pairings will make this more interesting.

07.Family History Idea

This at home date idea will not only give you memorable moments but also bring you and your partner together. So, you have the opportunity to share stories in your family that your partner does not know about. Your partner can also share what they think about what they know about your family. Spice up the moment with other side attractions.

08.Sing Aloud

Try this great idea. All you need to do to make it cool and special is to sing or imitate the songs. So just get an old playlist of songs. You can also get the lyrics. You’ll be surprised how much fun you’ll get out of this. You can try that mime stuff and see how you can go with songs old and new. You can start with music from college days.

09.Personality Test

Well, here’s another way to get the fun started. Take your personality test together and get your results. After you get the results, discuss them. But you can take the test together. This is where you might learn something new about your partner. So, you have more fun while getting to know your partner more. You may even discover more than you think there is in your partner.

10.Digital Event Idea

You can schedule a date with your partner at home while you’re on your way to the digital event. So, they learn and laugh together, especially if it is an entertainment digital event. Promise to be great as you engage your partner. It can be something like a comedy show, a couples night, or anything that brings you together. Just connect.

11.Don’t Forget The Steps

I will advise this, especially for older couples. Remember the dance steps. Call him anytime, but let him take you back to a few dance steps from your story. Remember the dance steps that stole your heart then, they can still work magic now. Try this stay at home date idea, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. You can spice it up with other things to make it a great stay-at-home date.

12.Something New

This is another one to try among the stay at home date ideas, here you will need to identify something that you can learn together in a nutshell. Even if you don’t learn it all at once, at least start in love. You can even watch these things on YouTube. There is hardly anything you want to learn that isn’t there. You’ll even get a step-by-step video. You just need to select the things you want to learn that can connect you both. You can also get a manual that provides instructions on how to understand that particular thing or topic.

13.Tie-Dye Craft

Here’s another great stay-at-home idea that can allow you and your spouse to be creative, have fun, and make the moment count. Simply get a tie-dye kit and a white cloth that the design will appear on. Make some cool designs with the love of your life while having a great time. You can create designs with it that will serve as a souvenir for your date at home. Make sure to add some music based on the genre you like. It’s you making the moment count for both of you.

14.Technology Aside Idea

This is another great idea to experience yourself and keep the fire of your love burning. Put aside all forms of technology so that you can see yourself. There should be no interference with the outside world through SMS, chats, calls, etc. Well, this technology seems to be taking more from our relationship than it is adding. You can move them to the side or choose a place in your home where you won’t see or be influenced by them. It is a moment for you and your partner. This is a great idea much more than you can imagine.

15.Through The Pages Idea

You can also consider this great date idea for a date at home. Get a good short romantic book that you can read together. Take turns reading it to each other as you discuss the contents of the book. Choose a book with a theme or something that you and your partner can enjoy together. It will foster connection with your partner if done regularly. Mix it up with light background music and drinks. Promise to be great.

These are great yet simple at-home date ideas for couples. Interestingly, these are not expensive. These ideas can be achieved without breaking the bank. This list was made with your pocket in mind. It just requires creativity and doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It can only come with creativity. Just do something outside the box. The more creative you are about it, the more you enjoy it.

Finally, keep in mind that the relationship only works to the extent that you have worked on it. If you see other people’s relationships getting stronger, it’s because they decided to work it out. This is part of the strategy to work on your relationship with your partner. Try as many of these stay-at-home date ideas in this article as possible. This is the time for it, at least for now until covid19 infections drop dramatically.