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Top Software Development Blogs for Passionate Programmers

Top 10 software development blogs to make you a better developer

Top 10 software development blogs to make you a better developer

That’s why we just created this list of the top 10 software development blogs for passionate software engineers. These blogs will add more clarity to your existing experience and you will become a better expert.

1) Catonmat – Peter Krumins blog

Catonmat was launched almost a decade ago by passionate developer Peter Krumins. He has extensive experience working as a Linux programmer, white hat, and system administrator.

Top Software Development Blogs for Passionate Programmers

He puts the smoothest tricks on his blogs through which new programming techniques can be learned. Encourage other developers to focus on reusing software rather than creating new code. His blog is the best software development blog we know of.

2) The Toptal Engineering Blog

With over 100,000 subscribers, Toptalblog has been the key to success for many aspiring developers. Articles are published every other day and are mostly tutorials that make learning fun and fast.

It shows tricks that include extensive code snippets, information on the latest technology, new frameworks, mistakes to avoid and everything that contributes to becoming an excellent professional.


3) Coding horror – Jeff Atwood Blog

Coding the horror, developed and released by one and only Jett Atwood is the real deal. This blog, launched in the early 2000s, is cited by everyone and receives more attention every day. It is the pioneering software development blog that talks about software management and how to carry out software projects.

The publications are written in an extremely easy format with many photographs and illustrations to facilitate the execution of the learning.

Top 10 software development blogs to make you a better developer

4) A list apart

This blog is the oldest blog on web software development. If you were learning about the web in 2005, A List Apart was your go-to resource. Today they have matured and it is not just a tutorial site. Now they even have events. If you want, you can even write for your blog, but they are very picky about the articles that get published, so their chances of getting published are 1 in 1 million.

A List Apart provides extensive knowledge through its articles, which include content aimed at web design and development. The blog publishes content that is completely focused on web standards and best practices followed in the industry.

5) Software by Rob

Software by Rob blog is written by Rob Walling. He is our favorite writer. You don’t write often, but when you do, it’s great content. He is a founder of serial startups and his professional career spans as a corporate developer and running a consultancy.

His blog charts his startup journey and provides tips that technical founders should execute when creating SaaS products. As he says, passion is a competitive advantage. So if you want to become an expert developer, follow his and everyone else’s blogs.