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Top 10 Search Engines In the World (2018)

Top 10 Search Engines In the World 2018

List of Best Search Engines

It would be actually surprising for you guys but Google is not the only Search Engine available on the internet there are several available which some of the people even uses to find out their search queries. In fact their are some search engines which are receiving more than 500 Lakh search queriesevery day and their smart search system too help them decide their enquiries in seconds.  To find out these 10 Best Search Engines, continue analysis below.

1. Google

Google Is the biggest and best search engine in the world and everybody knows it well. This search engine receives greatest of the traffic and has the highest amount of searches targeting any keyword.

2. Bing

Bing is also very well known Search Engine, its the only search engine ranked #2 after google and accepts more than 1.0 million search queries daily. Bing is the default search engine which originates preset when you install new windows or purchase a new laptop / computer with windows installed in it.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo is the search engine powered by Bing. It was in October when Bing purchased Yahoo, its still ygreatest popular email provider and according to analytics stands on 3 position.

4. Ask

Ask is also a well know Search Engine really its not a proper search engine but its something kind of a Question and Answers poll which have great answers and gets good traffic from the web, but the answers are not that good of the search queries searched on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

5. AOL

AOL is a very old search engine and is static counted in Top 10 Best Search Engines. AOL receives around 0.6% of traffic from the world which is yabout in some millions of page views in a month and have some great sites indexed in their search engine database which results in good search terms.

6. Blekko

Blekko, i recommend each blogger to use this search engine because this search engine says and have proved that they are Spam free search engine and the most funny part is the developers of this Search Engine is Ex-Googlers.

7. Wolframalpha

Wolframalpha is not a search engine but its an kind of a search engine which can assistance you get your problems solved easily like if you’re trying to search for “mortage 2000”, this search engine will calculate your loan amount, paid interest, based on assumptions.

8. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a great search engine. Its the most clean and responsive search engine by very less ads. The best feature of DuckDuckGo is their unlimited scroll feature which can be used by some of the popular search engine in short pyeriod of time.

9. WayBackMachine is the internet archive search engine. You can use this site to even catch out how the sites looks in 1996 or even before. Waybackmachine is very useful tool to know about the history of a new domain which you’re planning to buy. You can too search for the posts published on the same domain to get the domain spinal at the position where it was.

10. ChaCha

ChaCha is the world 8 most search engine used in full World, most you would have not heard about this search engine but i can bet that this search engine is far improved than Bing of course cannot be compared to Google  . This search engine is something comparable like Ask but have more easier answers and best thing is the load time of websites is also very low.

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