Reimplant A Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out

Whether you have agonized from a sporting accident or a freak incident has resulted in your tooth or a child’s tooth being knocked out, expressive what to do is main.

Similarly referred to as an ‘avulsed’ tooth, a knocked-out tooth can be a thoughtful dental emergency, and not acting fast could result in the tooth being always misplaced.

Reimplant A Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out

However, if you do act fast you can find that the tooth can really be reimplanted and saved. Here, we’re taking a look at the steps you can take in order to have a knocked-out tooth reimplanted.

1. What To Do If Your Tooth Has Been Knocked Out

If you are joining an incident where a tooth has been knocked out, or your very own tooth is now missing from your mouth, then you will want to ensure that you contact the best London dentist directly.

The nerves, blood vessels and all tissues within the area will be injured but the tooth can really reattach itself to the bone within the mouth, meaning a root canal procedure will be necessary in order to save the tooth.

If you are on your method to the dentist, then you will also want to ensure that you do not damage the tooth further.

2. How To Transport The Tooth

There are a number of different things to consider when you’re on your way to the dentist and transporting the tooth.

Firstly, you should try and ensure that you are handling the tooth wisely at all times and avoiding touching several parts of the tooth which are around the root as this can be simply damaged and is irreparable once it is.

Further to this, if the tooth is dirty, you should rinse it with milk in order to fresh it, or use water if milk is unavailable.

Make sure that you do not wipe the tooth with any form of cloth as this can harm the tooth even further, particularly around the root area of the tooth.

Possess the tooth moist throughout transportation by covering it in milk, placing the tooth among the tooth and gum, using saliva in a cup or otherwise placing it in a cup of water if none of the previous options are avaiylable.

You can find that you are able to reinsert the tooth yourself from where it came from, and if so, then attempt to do so, ensuring it is facing the right method. Do not force the tooth back into the opening however, as this can do further harm.

3. How Soon Should You Go To The Dentist?

If you’ve had a tooth bumped out, you should aim to ensure that it is reimplanted within an hour of the happening. The dentist will have an emergency phone system which you should call no substance the time of day or whether the incident has occurred on a holiday or a bank holiday when dentists are often closed.

The dentist might perform a root canal procedure immediately when you visit in order to increase the chances of reimplantation, however, you might require debris to be washed from the mouth or may even wait a rare days with the utilisation of a splint depending on the circumstances.

If there is additional injury to the bone around where the tooth was knocked out from, then you might find that your recovery time extends to around six to eight weeks, whereas if there is no harm, recovery time is much shorter.

Reimplant A Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out

4. Will The Dentist Always Be Able To Reimplant?

If you have delayed going to the dentist, or the tooth has been injured in transport, then you can find that you are unable to have the tooth reimplanted.

This will be due to the root of the tooth dying and therefore it will not reattach to the bone. If this is the case, then you can have to opt for dental implant in order to retain the creative smile that you once had.