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The 7 Best Online Writing Tools No Student Can’t Do Without

The 7 Best Online Writing Tools No Student Can’t Do Without

There are several applications for writing essays that can cut down on some of your work. For example, a similarity index checker can be of great help to college students. This paper writing software allows you to see how authentic and original your paper is. Let’s face it, you probably can’t review every article written on your topic. The best plagiarism checker helps a lot in this case.

Similarly, several of these secure tools can solve some of your problems quite conveniently. With these apps, your academic essay will take a high road to success. Let’s explore the best ones quickly.

7.Hemingway Editor

Hemingway is a paper editing tool that classifies your work based on its clarity and understanding. You can download the application or use your internet to access it. Not only does it comment on your clarity, but it also offers sentence construction suggestions that might help you. Passive voices and difficult-to-read sentences are your biggest enemies and this tool helps you eliminate them.

6.Online proofreader

The online proofreader is a great writing tool that allows you to review and edit your content or work. Point out and correct their spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. Therefore, as the name suggests, it can be used to correct your work.

Anyway, writing academic content is too tedious. If you are looking for an app to point out your less serious mistakes, this is your choice.

5.Plagiarism checker

Plagiarism is the monster you want to avoid when it comes to academic writing. Students and academics have been severely punished for plagiarism. Some have even given up hope for what might otherwise have been a brilliant career. Sometimes you don’t deliberately copy texts, but a similar text happens to exist somewhere on the same topic. And it is almost impossible to read everything before starting to formulate your article.

Plagiarism Checker generates a report that shows the percentage of similarity that your text has with other sources. It ensures that you receive a notification and that you can change it yourself or seek the help of someone who can turn your paper into a unique, high-quality document.


For informal research, we always go back to Wikipedia, but this source is not allowed in an academic article. Instead, you can use Encyclopedia, where you can access links to trusted books and websites. It is a holy grail for students and they can use all fonts in their work.


Writing an academic paper can be extremely stressful, and a disorganized job only makes it even more difficult. Evernote comes as a savior at this point. It is a paper writing application that can be used to take notes and keep them organized. It will make your job much easier and less complicated. Also, you won’t even lose any part of your important notes.

You can save your ideas, images, snippets, etc. in one place and access them whenever you want. You can also store recordings of a particular conference to revisit later. All in all, it is one of the best tools for students.


Academic writing needs a certain kind of tone and structure that can best be mastered with practice. This app helps you do just that by pointing out statements that are similar in type, style, and tone to the previous document. You can simply choose the best article online and practice your writing skills.


The last but most important tool had to be this. FocusWriter helps you keep distractions at bay and focus on your writing. It keeps track of your writing and you can customize your apps and home screen to block social media apps and games as you write your article.

Without focus, no matter what tool you have access to, nothing will pay off. And if you are someone who finds it difficult to focus on writing your academic work, this is the first tool to look for.

With the above-listed 7 wonders of the academic student world, you can easily conquer your role. We all need help at some point to write a thesis and these applications will be your best friends. Whether it’s checking for plagiarism or adjusting your writing style, whatever your weak nerve, you will definitely find an app for you.