Surfing Positive Effects On Mind And Mood

Research displays that a half hour of surfing can upsurge positive effects and decrease negative effects on the human body.

Surfing and the benefits of it have been studied and discussed in a research paper to determine the belongings it has on both body and mind. The research was exactly designed to show how a single 30-minute bout of surfing touches males and females between 18 and 58 years of age. At the start of the study it was hypothesized that a half hour of surfing will growth the positive moods of the surfers and at the similar time decrease negative feelings like fatigue.

For this reason, a group of 107 surfers was gathered to partake in the study and the results were collected after the 30-minute surfing while.

At the end of the study, the hypothesis was complete. The results show a major growth of confident affects and a major decrease of negative effects on the participants. This should come as no wonder to any experienced surfer, but it’s permanently nice to have the evidence supporting such a short sum of exercise and its positive properties on mind and mood.

According to the study, one likely explanation for the confident results could be the fact that most of the participants surfed primary in the morning and the fatigue they had reported was fair a result of waking up so early. But nevertheless, the confident outcome is a fact. In addition, the participants report an increase of tranquility after the surfing session.

There aren’t various studies on the sport of surfing. One of the additional comprehensive studies on surfing done in a lengthy time is outlined in the article Surfing and Fitness. It was a neat vision into all the physical demands required for surfing. We all know that physical action is beneficial to the human body and mind, but surfing takes it to the next level. And now we have particular data to back it up.

Surfing Positive Effects On Mind And Mood

image source: Surfing 101 Infographic