Sergio Ramos’s injury that stopped him on the way to the European Championship

The absence in the Eurocopa has been the last blow for Sergio Ramos in a fateful year, both with Real Madrid and with the national team. Let’s look at the physical problems that cut short the way back.

Sergio Ramos's injury that stopped him on the way to the European Championship

The catastrophic 2020-21 season that the captain of Real Madrid and the Spanish team lived through has physical problems as its origin. In that sense, we will analyze Sergio Ramos’s injury that not only prevented his presence on Luis Enrique’s list for the Eurocup, but also impaired his renewal with the White House.

In this way, the Sevillian’s string of injuries was what generated doubts in the Spanish coaching staff not to give him a vote of confidence very soon after the continental tournament begins. Indeed, 8 problems complicated the defender’s continuity, leading him to play only 21 games (1790 minutes of play) throughout the campaign.

All of Sergio Ramos’ conditions during the course were knee problems, fiber breakage in the biceps femoris, stomach difficulties, torn meniscus, trauma to the tibia, muscle injury to the left calf, COVID-19 and tendinosis of the semimembranous muscle of The left leg.

Sergio Ramos’s injuries that kept him away from the European Championship

We can categorize the torn meniscus as the injury to Sergio Ramos that most altered his continuity, since it required surgery and the longest time off. However, the discarding of the Euro towards the experienced athlete is due to the achievement of injuries in recent months. In this sense, we are going to go through the ones that most disturbed his plans.

1. Biceps femoris fiber rupture

On November 18, 2020, Sergio Ramos broke the fibers of the biceps femoris. It was in the game against Germany, specifically in the 40th minute of the first half, when the central defender had to leave the pitch.

This type of tear occurs as a result of the muscle reaching its elasticity limit. Thus, in game actions, it occurs when the athlete runs, kicks or makes a change of direction at maximum speed. In the end, the time off was 21 days, equivalent to 6 official matches.

Sergio Ramos's injury that stopped him on the way to the European Championship

The biceps femoris tear involves the breakage of fibers in the thigh area, where this muscle is located.

2. Torn meniscus (left knee)

The injury to Sergio Ramos that hinted that his ambitious sporting goals would not end in the best way was a torn meniscus in his left knee. This happened on January 14, 2021. Likewise, it was during the warm-up prior to the Spanish Super Cup match against Athletic Bilbao that he perceived the ailment.

Subsequently, the decision was made to undergo surgery, which kept him off the pitch for 54 days (10 official matches). It should be noted that the knee twists and aggressive pivots are the usual triggers of the injury. Also the regular wear and tear in high performance athletes and age increase the risk.

3. Muscle injury to the calf

The moment that caused the greatest amount of criticism towards Sergio Ramos took place in his incessant search to become the player with the most participation in the Spanish team, since he risked more, getting injured in the post-match stretch against Kosovo. This match was played on March 31, 2021.

In short, Ramos reached the record, beating Iker Casillas, but he also hit the muscle injury in the left calf that represented a headache for Zinedine Zidane in the middle of duels against Barcelona and Liverpool. The foregoing resulted in 33 days of absence, that is, 9 games.

Jumps and changes of direction at high speed are the most common causes. In addition, the overload of effective minutes of play and insufficient warm-up increase the chances that the injury will appear. This box is also known as a tennis leg.

4. Tendinosis

The last injury to Sergio Ramos that ended up strengthening Luis Enrique’s position if he was not included in the squad list was tendinosis of the semimembranous muscle of the left leg.

Just when the defender’s intention was to add minutes to show that he was in good condition, the irritation of his tendons ruled him out for the final stretch of La Liga, which was left in the hands of Atlético de Madrid. It was a 15-day low time (3 games) that ended up drowning any minimal possibility of accessing the national team.

On this occasion, the probable causes would have been microtrauma to the tendon and a substantial increase in tension.

Sergio Ramos's injury that stopped him on the way to the European Championship

Repeated efforts, lack of a good warm-up, and stress on muscle fibers are behind several problems in athletes.

Sergio Ramos’s injuries accumulated

At the end of one of the most exhausting campaigns in memory due to the tight schedule, Sergio Ramos’ biggest injury – which affected his participation in the European Championship – was actually the set of 8 physical problems.

This time, at 35 years of age, he must face the expiration of his contract with Real Madrid, the dismissal for the first time in many years of a large tournament with the national team and doubts about his physical validity. . Consequently, only time has the answer on the fate of Sergio Ramos in the elite of world football.