Princess To Pleasure Slave Chronicles (Book Five)

Princess To Pleasure Slave Chronicles (Book Five)

Princess To Pleasure Slave Chronicles (Book Five)

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  • Publication Date: December 25, 2018
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A bored wife discovers the pleasures to be found in the overpowering embrace of the beast man!

Madia Oravor is a woman of wealth and minor influence in the large port city of Port Novo. Her husband might have even been a powerful man if he had managed to join the Red Mages. Instead, she lives a life of means, but little prestige, deprived of her overworked husband’s affections and left to raise her two beautiful daughters. When her friend tells her of a brothel where a monster is kept to pleasure women, Madia knows she must see it. She watches her friend being mated by a troll and is too terrified to embrace such a savage creature.

Instead, Madia is seduced by the music and beastly appearance of the brothel’s owner. The satyr offers the beautiful mother pleasure and excitement she had never felt with her husband. But he has other demands and other hunger that might just see the beautiful mother giving away more than her honor to the beastly owner. Will she resist his seductive song and come to her senses? Or will Media give in to her baser desires and give up her entire life for the pleasure he offers?

Princess to Pleasure Slave Chronicles (Book Five): Eagerly Bred by the Beast Man is almost 17,000 words of monstrous pleasures. As the chaos that has spread through the countryside of Ustinov finally arrives in one of the major cities, can the monsters be stopped or will Poranovo fall as easily as a village to the insidious plans of the Duke of Ashes?