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MongoDB For Beginners – Fast Track

MongoDB For Beginners – Fast Track

MongoDB For Beginners – Fast Track

What you’ll learn

You will learn what mongoDB is really about in an easy way
Install and use mongoDB
Learn all the fundamentals
Schema Modeling
Learn to use Many Query Methods
Learn to connect mongoDB to other languages
You will learn how to relate data
You will learn about operators

Some basic programming knowledge is required

In this course, you will learn all the fundamentals of MongoDB plus the most popular advanced features. You can follow this course along with the documentation and compliment your learning.

MongoDB is one of the top database solutions out there right now. Every developer needs to know how to use this tool to take advantage of many nice features.

I’ve built this course with a beginner’s mindset but at the same with the busy developer in mind. I put myself in a beginner’s shoes and designed this course in a very easy to digest manner.

Technology moves really quick and there is no time to spend years learning something now-days. We simply do not have the luxury of time to take years to learn something new, especially a tool like MongoDB.

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Learning a new language well can take several years but a tool like MongoDB should be learned fast so that we can integrate it with our favorite languages or tools.

MongoDB has a large API that can be used to plug it into any popular language out there, so there is no excuse not to learn it.

Who this course is for:
Beginners who would like to learn mongoDB should take this course
Developers who are busy and trying to get up and running with mongoDB should take this course
Created by Edwin Diaz
Last updated 11/2019
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