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MAGIX Photostory 2022 Deluxe (x64)

MAGIX Photostory 2022 Deluxe (x64)

MAGIX Photostory 2022 Deluxe (x64)

Type PC Software  Language English  Total size 1.1 GB

MAGIX Photostory Deluxe 2022 is a program for burning a collection of photos to CDs and DVDs for later viewing on your TV screen. The program will allow you to transform your photos and videos into unforgettable slideshows with amazing transitions, sound effects, etc. You can add various effects, transitions, professional filters, titles, music and more to your photos and videos. Creating a slideshow takes just a few easy steps. First you have to import photos and videos, then edit them by applying effects, text, transitions and filters, and finally burn the finished result to a CD or DVD disc. The program contains various templates to quickly create your projects. With the help of the MAGIX PhotoStory application, a user with a minimum level of technical knowledge will be able to turn scattered pictures from a personal photo archive into attractive slide shows.
MAGIX Photostory Deluxe 2022 lets you present photos and videos in the most ever dynamic way. You will enjoy a variety of unique design options and will gain the most out of every slideshow, also in Full HD, 4K and 3D. It brings your photos to a new life. MAGIX Photostory Deluxe transforms your photos and videos from digital cameras, smartphones and video cameras into fabulous slideshows. Additionally, you can put your own personal touch with text, music and spectacular effects in HD, 4K and 3D. If you have no time to create a slideshow from scratch, you can simply choose from one of the many professional style templates, and the automatic slideshow maker will take care of the rest.
Main features of MAGIX Photostory:

• Import photos and videos from any source/media.
• Add effects and background music to your slideshows.
• Use the slideshow wizard to create slideshows quickly.
• Create animated menus for your slideshows.
• Creation of animations with effect “picture-in-picture”.
• Adding 3D titles and text animations.
• Recording on CD and DVD discs.
• Export to Blu-ray discs and HD slideshow players.
• Upload your photos and slideshows directly to YouTube.
• Automatic removal of objects from photos (wrinkles, bumps, pimples, unnecessary objects, etc.).
• Built-in photo manager for easy management, archiving and more.
• Export of individual images along with effects and decorative elements.
• Support for screen resolutions for netbooks.
• Create slideshows in 16:9 format.
• Automatic editing of panoramas with high resolution, JPEG quality, etc.
• Hardware acceleration for previews and 3D transitions.
• Suitable for all formats and models of camcorders.
• Possibility of embedding own cut materials.
• 8 tracks for photos, videos or music.
• More than 300 highly professional effects, auxiliary elements and much more.
• 850 samples and songs for the musical component.
• Create animated travel itineraries.
• Automatically improve the quality of photos and videos.
• Create panoramic images from individual shots.
• Presentation of photo shows on the TV screen, on mobile devices or online.
• Highest quality: 4K Ultra HD resolution and 3D.

New Features:
– NEW! 1,500+ effects, transitions & music
– NEW! Up to 5X faster previews
– NEW! Fullscreen mode for image optimization Record audio commentary
– NEW! Automatic Photostory Wizard
– Camera pans, zooms and rotations
– Export to DVD, Blu-ray or online

Select your camera
From SLR to smartphone. From a glossy print to a snapshot. Photostory works magic on all your photos. Easily load photos to the program with the wizards or WiFi. Select and share your images

Select and share your images
A journey through the Alps. A day at the seaside. Or memories of a family celebration to treasure forever. Slideshows turn any event into an unforgettable experience.

Lights, camera, action: Tracking shots & zooms
Every picture counts. Each and every image tells a tale. Breathtaking camera tracking shots and zooms let you dive right into an image to show specific details and tell the story behind them.

Capture people’s attention: Animated intros & outros
First and last impressions are everything. Start your new slideshow and end it on a high note. High-quality animated intro and outro templates lead viewers from the slideshow’s beginning to your most exciting shots.

The perfect mix: Beautiful picture collages
Picture-in-picture, not picture follows picture. For more variety. For more dynamics. It’s the secret to presenting many similar photos, in a picture collage, for instance.

Stay right in the action: Breathtaking transitions
Keep the excitement going – even when you’re just switching from one image to the next. Exciting transitions add further creative touches to your slideshows. Image border effects

Exciting borders: Creative effects for portrait pictures
Every single one of your photos can be used in your slideshows. There’s even a creative solution for portrait photos with black borders. Film music & audio landscapes

Add emotion at the push of a button: Film music & audio landscapes
Mountains. Birdsong. Church bells from a distant valley. Dramatic music starts to play. The sheer mountain face looms above, seemingly invincible. The images then switch to the view from the peak with relaxed instrumental music. Access fantastic music and sound effects – all included in Photostory!

More than just a wizard Photostory Wizard
You can set the integrated Photostory Wizard to design your slideshow for you from start to finish. Just choose the photos – and the wizard does the rest! The world’s fastest retouching

The world’s fastest retouching: Automatic image editing
Design truly stunning images in record time. Automatic image editing in the program completes all optimizations.

A glance, a click, finished!
The new fullscreen mode Bigger, better, faster. Create images using fullscreen editing for vivid, sharp results.

Photos on DVD
And there you have it – a finished slideshow ready for sharing with family and friends. On DVD, Blu-ray, or USB stick. The Export Wizard is ideal for sharing your slideshow with others quickly.

Add the perfect music
Photostory offers a selection of great music and you can set your images to change to the beat of music. Works every time!

System Requirements:
– Windows 10, Windows 8 (64-bit)
– Processor: 2 GHz (Quad-core processor with 2.8 GHz or better recommended)
– RAM: 2 GB (4 GB recommended)
– Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1280×768. (Dedicated, at least 512MB VRAM recommended)
– Sound card: Onboard
– Hard drive memory: 2 MB for program installation



Download v21.0.1.101 (x64)