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Livewire S2 Del Mar LE revealed – 100 units only, all sold out

Livewire S2 Del Mar LE revealed – 100 units only all sold out

The second all-electric Livewire model, the S2 Del Mar LE, was revealed. The initial offering is a 100-unit-only special, and they’re all sold out.


    • The second model from the all-electric Livewire brand called the S2 Del Mar debuts.

    • The initial offering is a limited-run ‘Launch Edition’ (LE) version limited to just 100 units.

    • It underpins a modular new ‘Arrow’ chassis architecture that will spawn more future offshoots.

    • It harnesses an electric powertrain that boasts 80HP and claimed range of 100 miles (161KM).

The Harley-Davidson-owned Livewire brand just unveiled its second model, the S2 Del Mar LE. This is the electric brand’s second offering that follows the Livewire One, which is effectively a rebranded Harley-Davidson Livewire.

With the S2 Del Mar, Livewire opted to market it initially as a limited-run, pre-order-only special dubbed the LE with just 100 units planned. Unsurprisingly, all 100 units have been snapped up at the time of its launch too, marking perhaps the bike’s critical reception towards its target audience.

Livewire S2 Del Mar LE revealed – 100 units only all sold out

The S2 Del Mar is an all-new, simplified, more affordable follow-up to the Livewire One. At the Del Mar’s heart is an all-new ‘Arrow’ monocoque chassis architecture which combines the 60kW (80HP) electric motor, battery pack, and control hardware.

According to Livewire, this design approach is intended to be modular, meaning it can be used to develop a variety of forthcoming models. Aptly, the first Del Mar adopts an ‘urban street tracker’ aesthetic complete with 19-inch wheels.

Other key details include a claimed weight of 199KG and a maximum range of 100 miles (approx. 161KM). In LE form as pictured, the S2 Del Mar also comes dressed in a unique finish with a matching unique wheel design plus numbered plaque to signify its limited-run status.

Livewire S2 Del Mar LE revealed – 100 units only all sold out

Unlike the Livewire One, the Livewire S2 Del Mar LE commands a more approachable price tag of US$17,699 – approx. RM 77,672.06. As mentioned, all 100 units of the special Launch Edition (LE) pictured have all been snapped up through online pre-orders just 18 minutes earlier this week.

A ‘standard’ – read: non-limited – version is reportedly due for release soon. Given the positive reception of this LE version, perhaps we may not need to wait long to see other offshoots of the S2 Del Mar.