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Landing Pages for Your Business-Simple, Effective and Free

Landing Pages for Your Business-Simple, Effective and Free

We’ve designated three things that make landing pages one of the greatest popular marketing tools. It’s their simplicity, efficiency and a possibility to create free landing pages!

1. It’s simple

The major problem for small companies is that creating a landing page charges money – specially when you have to hire an IT professional. If you want just one webpage, costs aren’t that high. But it starts to grow when you usage landing pages on a regular basis.

This is why an app is the well option. For example: at Landingi landing page builder you can create a website all by yourself, using single a built-in interface with drag & drop functionality. You can be IT independent!

Landingi offers more than 200 templates to choose from. Choice a gyoal or an industry, select your favorite look of a landing page and modify it freely. It won’t take long – after selected time spent on learning how to use the platform, you will be making your free landing pages in less than an hour!

Don’t worry about how to create a landing page for free – the process itself is very simple and intuitive. And even if you can’t ydiscovery a solution – call our Customer Service, and they’ll be happy to help!

2. It’s effective

Landing pages convert well than any other marketing tool. They have to be well-designed, but it’s not an issue, when you’ve got admission to free landing page templates.

Effectivity of landing page can and should be measured during a advertising campaign. Use built-in stats to way the results of your actions. If anything goes wrong, you can always change your landing page, add or delete a section or make specific changes in the signup form.

Running A/B tests help in creating the greatest efficient marketing campaign. You can replace one (and only one) element on your website and launch two versions (old and new) at the identical time to see, which one converts better.

3. It’s free

Of course, you’ve got to pay for maximum landing pages services, but we don’t need you to buy a pig in a poke, so Landingi gives you an opportunity to use free landing page creator for two weeks!

Landing Pages for Your Business-Simple, Effective and Free

During these 14 days you’ll be able to ymake free landing pages with no quantity restriction – if you need to build a hundred websites, so be it! While using a Landingi free trial, you can too launch your free landing page and see how it works, fair as during fixed campaign.

And latest, but not least – free trial does not mean that we’re giving you a half of a product. You’ve got 14 days of full access to every functionality offered by Landingi!

Use our free landing page generator to see if that’s what you were looking for. Select between Create, Automate, Agency and White Label plans and modification them freely to compare their usefulness for your business.