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Jessalynn Siwa Biography,Wiki, Photos and Net Worth

Jessalynn Siwa

Jessalynn Siwa

The Mother of Teen star JoJo Siwa is a momager to her daughter. Jessalynn Siwa moved to California from Nebraska to give her daughter the best life. Reportedly, the teen star JoJo is a pansexual who has a long love for dance.

Undoubtedly, Jessalynn Siwa has earned her fame as a mother to JoJo. However, Mrs. Siwa has focused on her career after her daughter’s settlement. As per the sources, Jessalynn is also a professional dancer.

The mother-daughter duo had risen to fame after their appearance in Dance Moms. Their loud character is the reason for their popularity. Besides this, she has had a minor role in music videos.

The entrepreneur has had a long history in the business world and with the help of her daughter’s fame, she is living her dreams. Please continue to read the article to know more about her.

Bio of Jessalynn Siwa

Jessalynn Siwa

Name Jessalynn Siwa
Nickname Jess
Gender Female
Profession Dance Teacher, Entrepreneur, Manager, Choreographer, TV Personality
Height 5 Feet 10 inches
Weight 64 Kgs
Body Size Not Known
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Date of Birth 8 December 1974
Age 47 Years
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
School Local School
College and University Burke High School
Education Qualification Graduated
Degree Not Known
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Cast Siwa
Address California, U.S
Marital Status Married
Spouse name Tom Siwa
Children name Jayden Siwa and JoJo Siwa
Parents Mark Lombardi and Kathy Lombardi
Siblings Tessa Medinger
Pet CoCo, LuLu, Buddy, BowBow (Dogs)
Net Worth $5 million

Who is Jessalynn Siwa? Wiki her details

Jessalynn Siwa

Unfortunately, the inspiring mother hasn’t been covered by Wikipedia. However, the references to her daughter’s success are linked with her efforts.

Apparently, the encouraging mom moved to California to pursue her daughter’s dream of dancing. Even though she had a dance studio and a profession back in Nebraska, they took a decision to move to California when JoJo was only 9 years old.

The strong relationship between the mother and daughter had already attracted tons of viewers in the American Television Series. Altogether, they have appeared in the show Dance Moms for 5 years. Some of the glimpses were as a guest as well.

Talking about her career before moving, Jessalynn Siwa owned a Dance studio. She was a professional dancer. Siwa also stated that she loved to have rhinestone everything in her house. Now, she is the founder and creator of Bling Bitz Rhinestones.

Presently, she expresses herself as a manager to her daughter and also XOMG POP!. The pop group represents seven girls who are trying to achieve their dream. Other than this, she is also a Vice president of JoJo Siwa Childhood Cancer Foundation.

What is the Height of Jessalynn Siwa?

Jessalynn Siwa

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The 47-year-old mom is currently the talk of the town with all the success she has achieved. If you wiki JoJo, you probably know that her mom played a huge role in her fame. Besides being a perfect manager, Jessalynn Siwa is beautiful. As per the fandom sites, she stands to be tall than the average height.

It is estimated that Jessalynn’s height is 5 feet 10 inches tall. Even though, she shares a lot of pictures of her daughter and the group she has been managing, her appearance in posts is magnificent to witness.

Likewise, Siwa has an average body figure. She weighs around 64 kgs. We still don’t know if she does any exercise but it is for sure that she must be a passive dancer as per her profession. Naturally, she seems to have light blonde hair and green eyes.

How much Net Worth does Jessalynn Siwa have?

Jessalynn Siwa

As mentioned earlier, Siwa had her life set before her daughter earned success. It is just a cherry on top after JoJo is world reckoned by her talent. Before talking about her Net Worth, let’s take a look at her sources.

Earlier in her life, she was a professional dancer. She also owned a dance studio in Nebraska where she was a choreographer. Unfortunately, the studio was shut down in 2016. The reason behind the shutdown is still unclear. But, Jessalynn has moved on to another path to increase her net worth.

Meanwhile, she is managing her daughter and a pop group named XOMG POP!. She is also a vice president of JoJo Siwa Childhood Cancer Foundation and receives numerous donations from huge celebrities.

She also owns a podcast and a youtube channel named Success with Jess. The channel is not subscribed by many but she hasn’t posted much on her channel either.

Likewise, she is the founder of Bling Bitz Rhinestones. The current sales statistics of the company are not available yet but given the fact that JoJo is huge among the teenage group, the company must be doing well.

Given all that, Jessalynn Siwa’s Net Worth is not officially verified but is estimated to have over $5 million. Whereas her 18 years old daughter has a net worth of striking $20 million.

Know all about Jessalynn Siwa’s Husband “Tommy Tuna”

Jessalynn Siwa

The choreographer has been married to Tom Siwa for 23 years as of 2021. There are not many details about the time as to how they exchanged their vows but they resided in Nebraska.

Tom Siwa is a chiropractor and is given a sweet nickname as Tommy Tuna. We couldn’t find more information about why he is called that but it must have something to do with tuna.

Jojo isn’t their only child, they have an elder son as well. Likewise, his father has also been known as Food Dude. Jayden Siwa who is the eldest son of the Siwa family is three years older than JoJo. Apparently, their birthday is different by just a day.

Talking about the career of Jayden, he is a vlogger and has his own youtube channel. As of today, he has over 96k subscribers. His videos are mostly about food which explains his name as Food Dude.

Instagram account of Jessalynn Siwa

Jessalynn Siwa

The aspiring mother is tremendously active on her social media platform. We can find Jessalynn Siwa on Instagram at @jessalynnsiwa. Shockingly, the celebrity mother is already verified on her account and has quite an amazing number of followers.

Presently, she has over 1 million followers on her Instagram. Likewise, she is following 373 users from her account. Moreover, Mrs. Siwa has over 2000 posts on her Instagram.

The dog lover has shared some cute pictures of her pets. Similarly, we can see a lot of posts about her daughter JoJo on her Instagram. In her bio, she has listed all the projects that she is engaged in. The mother-daughter strong bond can be clearly seen on her account.

If you want to follow Jess on her social media platform, please click the link below:-

Instagram Jessalynn Siwa
Twitter Jessalynn Siwa
Youtube Jessalynn Siwa
Facebook Jessalynn Siwa

Interesting Facts about Jessalynn Siwa

Jessalynn Siwa

  • Prior to being a momager, she was also a dance teacher who owned a studio in Nebraska.
  • Jess handmade all the bows that JoJo wore in dance shows. Apparently, JoJo owns 600 bows.
  • The mother of two children had an interest in decorating everything with rhinestones and has her dream fulfilled by owning a business.
  • Mrs. Siwa operates a podcast named Success with Jess.
  • She is also managing a pop girls band and the recently released song is already in the top 50 in charts.