How to have a picnic at home?

A different plan to have a snack or eat in the company of your loved ones is to have a picnic at home. This activity is very simple and inexpensive. Discover tips!

How to have a picnic at home?

A picnic at home is a simple and fun way to share some time with your family, friends, partner or with yourself. In addition, it is a versatile activity, because you can choose any corner of your home to carry it out. Be it the bedroom, the living room or the garden.

Therefore, you don’t have to strain to find an outdoor spot in a park. You can take and spread a couple of blankets on the floor, bring some snacks and invite family or friends.

It is very practical when you want to combat boredom and try different things than watching series or movies. In turn, with this activity you enjoy a sunny afternoon without going out. Would you like to know how to have a picnic at home? Keep reading!

Tips for having a picnic at home

One of the advantages of having a picnic is that you can enjoy a pleasant meal in the company of your family and friends. You can even surprise your partner with an anniversary picnic or go on a date with yourself.

In addition, it is an economical and creative activity that does not require going out to share a good quality time with your loved ones. However, when you go to have a picnic at home you should take into account the following recommendations.

1. Find a comfortable place

The place is an essential element for having a picnic at home. Therefore, try to find a warm and spacious space that is outdoors. For example, the garden, the terrace or the balcony.

However, if you want to do it on a rainy day or you don’t have an outdoor space in your house, don’t worry. In this case, the living room is your best option.

How to have a picnic at home?

The balconies and terraces are ideal for eating outside if there is no rain.

2. Use blankets for the picnic at home

Whether you picnic on the ground or on the lawn of your garden, a couple of blankets, blankets or tablecloths are necessary to make you feel comfortable. Similarly, you can gather some cushions to lie down to watch a movie or the clouds in the sky.

3. Bring a good book

Imagine enjoying the pages you love so much along with a good meal. In case you want to have a picnic with yourself, you can opt for the company of a book. Since a great read allows you to let your imagination and creativity fly. In turn, reading gives you new knowledge.

4. Includes board games

Do you want to include fun to the picnic? Try entertaining board games! This plan is ideal for family and friends. Some games you can choose from are cards, monopoly, or jenga. Let’s have fun!

5. Prepare something tasty

Food is the most important part of the picnic. Therefore, you can prepare simple dishes, such as sandwiches and pizza, or more elaborate meals, such as lasagna. You can also make desserts or snacks. Let’s do it!

6. Add drinks according to the weather

There are a variety of drinks that you can include to accompany this activity. However, take into account the climate you are in.

If it’s cold, a hot coffee or tea are great options. While if you are in a hot climate you can opt for a soda, juice or iced tea. You also have the option of mixing delicious cocktails for the night.

7. Avoid plastic

To accompany the meal, it is advisable to use reusable plates, glasses and cutlery. In this way, you reduce the use of plastic and pollution of the environment. Remember that plastic turns into small fragments that accumulate toxic substances.

8. Include decorations at the picnic

For this activity you can add flowers to provide a different touch. Another way to decorate is to make a dummy campfire with Christmas lights and stones that you find in your garden.

Perfect meal ideas for a picnic at home

Without a doubt, an element that cannot be missing in a picnic is the iconic food basket. And an advantage is that you are at home, so you can use your own cutlery and improvise some delicious homemade dishes.

In fact, you don’t have to make such elaborate recipes. Remember that less is more and a simple meal is enough. That is why we present you 6 food options for a picnic at home. Take note!

Cheese sandwiches: Sandwiches are very common when it comes to making a quick and uncomplicated meal. For its filling you can use creamy or melted cheese. In addition, along with a soft drink they are an ideal plan.
Caesar Salad: This option is very light and versatile. It can be served with some bread and cheese cubes on the side of the plate. It is easy and very tasty.
Homemade pizza: with the help of a delicious homemade meal you can conquer the stomach of any person. That is why homemade pizza is a good choice to accompany a romantic or family picnic.
Vanilla cookies: the sweet can not be missing when making a picnic at home. Therefore, baking cookies is the simplest when it comes to desserts.
Chocolate Cake: One of the most popular sweets at any gathering is the wet chocolate cake. It is delicious and most people like it. Besides that you can serve it with a little ice cream. Delicious!
White Chocolate Truffles: On the other hand, some simple and creamy chocolate truffles dipped in white chocolate are great for your guests. You can fill them with cream and decorate them on the outside with some colored sprinkles.

How to have a picnic at home?

Making pizza at home adds value to the picnic gathering. You can share the elaboration with family or friends.

Is there a time to have a picnic at home?

There is no specific time for this activity. Therefore, you can do it in the morning, in the afternoon and even at night. However, determining the time allows you to choose the appropriate food, drinks, décor and location.

For example, in the morning you have the option of including a breakfast or a light meal. Similarly, if you decide to do it by moonlight you can decorate the place with candles or lights. Go ahead and create a special picnic in the comfort of your home!