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How to Earning Money on YouTube without Making Videos

When we talk about winning on YouTube, the first thing that comes to mind is making videos. We begin to think about all the creative things, such as creating attractive content, filming videos, editing to make them interesting and more.

How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos

To all who are not as creative or lazy, it seems they are piling up a mountain. But don’t be disappointed, because there are alternative ways you can earn money on YouTube.

You must ask yourself how to make money on YouTube without making videos. If you are looking for an answer to this question, then you are in the right place.

Let’s discuss the best ways you can make a good profit on YouTube without making videos. The most commonly used methods are YouTube super chat or YouTube live video games.

We will go deeper to get detailed information.

How to Make Money on YouTube without Making Videos

YouTube Live Stream has been showing great progress. This feature allows you to start streaming videos in real-time and makes it easier to reach your audience.

You can stream a video game, start a live question and answer session or take live teaching classes, live streaming will help you interact with the viewers in real-time.

With its growing demand, we come to questions like how it works, who can use it and we can make money live. Don’t worry, just keep reading and you will get all the answers

When it was launched, only YouTube partners could use it, but for its good news, it is now available to everyone. People use it for different purposes and according to their requirements.

These days it is most commonly used in live video games, which is becoming very popular and people are filling their pockets with a fairly good amount just with this.

Do not deviate and start thinking about how to make money with live video games, as this will be answered later as we move forward.

It’s not space science and the easiest way to make money on YouTube without uploading. All you need is a webcam or a phone and you are ready to get started.

Get live comments on the right side so you can have an interactive session. Just be careful to have a high-quality camera and a good internet connection.

How to Earn Money from YouTube with Live Streaming

Here we reach the main point because, in the end, everyone wants to win. There are several options that you can use to earn money. The live broadcast allows you to analyze them briefly.

  • Run ads during your live stream: You can also post ads on your live videos. You get paid for the total number of people who see the ad.
  • Live streaming video games: You can stream live both Android and video games. It is one of the most genuine steps to connect with your target audience. Video games with live streaming can make your website have a lot of traffic and the ability to create a viral rumor.
  • Ask for Fan donations: Fans easily convince themselves to support their favorite creators through donations. This new revenue model can allow you to monetize YouTube live.
  • YouTube super chat: As the name suggests, Super Chat highlights your fan’s message in the chat stream. This allows the comment to stand out from the crowd to easily capture your attention. For this, viewers must pay to post a comment during a live broadcast.
  • Pay per view/subscriptions: As per this model He asks fans to pay a certain amount to access their hidden content live. This content should be worth paying and be unique than the open content. This subscription can be monthly or yearly.
  • Promote and sell your merchandise: This is a really great way to sell your products to your viewers. While broadcasting lives, you can tell the public about your merchandise and where they have to buy it.

You can include the required links too. You can use the products when you are alive. Whether it’s a t-shirt, a cup, a pen or anything, using it in your live content can give you good conversions.

Final Words

Live streaming is the easiest way to earn money on YouTube without making videos. It is not restricted to live video and audio streaming services. It gives you the flexibility to use different forms of content and multimedia, including text, images, and live chat.

With its early adaptation by high profile influencers, the industry has been projected as a rocket. It is a completely different area and has become a very powerful content distribution channel over the years.

But before jumping, carefully analyze all the pros and cons and decide if it will be right for you or not.