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Habits that happy couples should avoid at all costs

Happy couples maintain and take care of their relationship, trying to make it bloom like a rose. Now, what are the habits that happy couples should avoid to continue being so?

Habits that happy couples should avoid at all costs

We know that the bond must be taken care of daily, cultivate and banish bad habits of coexistence. These habits appear over time, can be very harmful and cause the couple:

  • Wear.
  • Distrust.
  • Remoteness.
  • Lack of interest in the other.
  • Lack of support.

Let’s discover together in the following article those habits that happy couples should avoid.

Habits that happy couples should avoid

As we have already mentioned, some habitual actions can undo and irremediably damage the couple. Therefore, it is essential to recognize these bad habits to avoid them, if what we really want is to be happy with our partner.

1. Wanting to change the other

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A couple does not necessarily have to agree on everything. In fact, it is usual that it does not happen that way. The success of an effective relationship lies in the ability of both to learn to know, respect, accept and understand that differences will always have been determined.

When a person does not accept his partner as he is and wants to change her constantly, it could mean that he does not love her and that maybe he loves another person.

2. Do not spend time with the couple

It is good to have a space in common, despite the activities, responsibilities, and stress of day today. Happy couples try to maintain that place, that personal space to enjoy moments of intimacy.

However, it is also important to cultivate a space to enjoy two. If the members of the couple do not bet to share moments to be calm, to communicate, to enjoy being together, the relationship becomes more difficult due to the lack of harmony and a distancing could take place.

3. Be defensive and criticize

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Being always on the defensive or always making criticism is usually very exhausting. Undoubtedly is another habit that happy couples should avoid. We all have shortcomings and when criticisms become repeated affect self-esteem, which can make the person want to move away or want to be with another partner.

4. Routine

It is a difficult habit to overcome since we can not live a continuous adventure. This is inevitable in many areas of life. The couple can not allow is that the routine makes the relationship monotonous.

5. Lies and deceptions

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There are people who lie and turn the relationship into something toxic, in which the lack of trust in the other generates a great attachment. Infidelity and betrayal kill the love in a fulminating way. It is very difficult to have confidence in the other after having gone through a similar experience.

6. Selfishness

Happy couples share the decisions that will affect their day to day and their future. If decisions are made independently regardless of the other person’s life goals and dreams, the likelihood of the couple separating will be high.

7. Turn your back on the problems

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All relationships are different, none is perfect, there are always disagreements, disappointments, discomfort. Anyone who has been in a couple, knows it, right?

The most destructive is to turn your back on problems, do nothing, isolate yourself, keep quiet or avoid talking about the problem. This lack of communication does not help to overcome the conflict, on the contrary, it creates a stagnation that can generate misunderstandings.

A stable and mature couple tries to have honest communication and give their all to try to solve any problem. Being in a couple implies communicating openly and being able to listen to the other and build together.