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Gamers get injured too: find out the most frequent injuries in eSports

Physical problems do not only attack the protagonists of classic sports. The demonstration is in the most frequent injuries of eSports that concern gamers. Discover the details!

Gamers get injured too: find out the most frequent injuries in eSports

Electronic sports have become an unstoppable wave along with the great competitions of tradition, since the growth they have experienced has exponential equivalents. However, not everything is idyllic for video game professionals. This time we tell you another vision of the gamer experience with the most frequent injuries in eSports.

Beyond the mental exhaustion, the accumulation of tension and the permanent stress that gamers are subjected to in each of their games, physical ailments are also a factor that can end up damaging a season.

Exponents like Thomas Paparatto, better known as ZooMaa, was forced to announce his retirement at the age of 25 due to thumb and wrist problems. Call of Duty fans will undoubtedly miss it. This was one of the most emblematic cases, however, injuries happen regularly and we will tell you about the most frequent later.

What are eSports?

While eSports has gained international ground in terms of recognition, not everyone is completely familiar with the competition. In that sense, we will give a brief tour of its bases.

Thus, eSports are electronic sports, also known as cyber sports, in which professional players compete according to their experience, that is, in the modality they dominate.

The main categories are as follows:

Real-time strategy.
First person shooting.
Online multiplayer battle arenas.
Electronic sports
Each category has a particular degree of demand that generates a different wear and, therefore, varied injuries. In case there are doubts about whether it is just a child’s game, perhaps the totality of prizes awarded in some competitions can end the stigma. And it is that tournaments like Fortnite distributed 64.42 million euros.

Gamers get injured too: find out the most frequent injuries in eSports

Professional video game players project careers that involve money gains and even international prestige.

The most frequent injuries in eSports

After going with maximum acceleration through the conceptual atmosphere of the competition that is making history season after season with the rise of followers, we will enter the matter with the most frequent injuries in eSports. Each of the injuries have in common stress and repetitive movements.

Tendonitis is nothing more than inflammation or irritation of a tendon, which causes pain and tenderness in the area. Although this injury can affect any tendon, in gamers it has a greater impact on the shoulders and wrists.

Francisco Rosa (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player) has been one of those affected by this ailment. In fact, the one also known as Zorrele went so far as to express for Diario As: «I started with mild discomfort, little by little it hurt a little more. And in my case I lost strength in my arm when I had been playing for many hours … ». The cause of the ailment would have been an excessively low posture to play the game that led to a muscular imbalance.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common injuries in eSports. It involves pressure and damage on the median nerve. This causes an uncomfortable tingling sensation that is combined with numbness and loss of strength in the hand.

The repetition of hundreds of movements with the hands in a short period of time generates wear and tear. Something that players like Hai Du Lam (League of Legends player) and Ladislav Kovács (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player) suffered.

Back discomfort

They could not be missing among the most frequent injuries in eSports. Back discomfort is caused by maintaining poor posture for hours, something that even creates a deviation in the bones of the spine.

Jian Zihao (former League of Legends player), one of the best of all time due to the automaticity and precision of his movements, was forced to receive help from a physiotherapist due to the numerous back ailments that he suffered.

Gamers get injured too: find out the most frequent injuries in eSports

Low back pain or lumbago can appear after long sessions of video games in positions that are harmful to the spine.

Compartment syndrome

Compartment syndrome is one of the most dangerous injuries gamers face. It is a disorder that occurs due to increased pressure from an inflammation of the tissues or, in the worst case, due to internal bleeding. In this way, the necessary nutrients for their proper functioning are prevented from reaching the muscles.

Antonio Pino, a gamer known to the public as ReventXz, moved away from the highest level of professional skills due to painful compartment syndrome.

The most frequent injuries in eSports are not something to underestimate

The most frequent injuries in eSports have led teams to be more and more attentive to the use of a gamer chair. In addition to this, perfecting the playing technique, improving the positions of the protagonists, strengthening the muscles in the core, warming up before starting and reducing fatigue with consistent breaks is vital.

In general, the world of videogames still has a gigantic projection. However, only improvements in conditions will allow the useful life of early professionals to be extended, who end up retiring with little travel due to injuries that reduce their maximum performance.