Flipkart Big Billion Day 2018: Prepare For Sale Madness

The Flipkart Big Billion Day 2018 may not be here yet then it does not mean that there is no reason to become excited about this giant event. Take note that this experience is a sitewide sale so extra or less, some of your favorite products, if not all, will be discounted in a very generous method. And speaking of Big Billion Day, what are we expecting after this most anticipated event?


Big Billion

I for one am expecting at least 30% discount or additional for my favorite electronic gadgets. And since Big Billion Day is up this coming October 1-4, 2018, some of the major names in smartphone and gadgets are successful to release their top of the line products from midrange to flagship areas.

What to expect Flipkart Big Billion Day 2018

Bigger and wider discount range

With last year’s successful Large Billion Day, Flipkart has more causes to top the previous event for all its loyal customers. And since achievement is a trend for all sellers within the Flipkart platform, more will join the large event. More sellers mean more items to select from. So expect this year’s Big Billion Day to be a actual madness of sale.

Also, here are the sale events that you should too look forward to before and after the Big Billion Day.

An improved user interface on both Web browser and app

While the app version is previously doing great accommodating online customers and all, there are still a lot of people who would prefer the generosity of a large screen experience. And with that, Flipkart has improved its backend technology for improved handling of the overwhelming flow of clients at any specific time of the day.

Bigger partners

With the accelerated growth and positive reputation that Flipkart has garnered for the previous years, more corporations are interested in partner with Flipkart this year. One of those is Myntra, another giant digital market that specializes in fashion and trend. This coming Big Billion sale, you will the top and successful items from Myntra fashion line and accessories.

Best discount and better deals updates

With Flipkart’s nonstop flow of discounts and great deals, you won’t miss out even after you are not in the app. Flipkart will send you announcements of discounts and deals that you want. With personalized and relevant choices, you will have so much item to select from.

Better services

Flipkart has not just improved its means of technology, they also completed it easier for their customers to reach out and send feedback to provide more customer satisfaction. They too provided more innovative supply chain in order for a quicker delivery with fewer checkpoints that sometimes the cause of product injury. Also, that means lesser waiting time for all of us purchasers. And have you heard about the Flipkart Buyback Guarantee or Flipkart SmartBuy scheme?


Imagine 40,000 plus sellers and 70,000 plus categories to select from. It would be hard to imagine that the item you want and watching for cannot be found in Flipkart. Also, this event is the best time to take advantage of Flipkart No Cost EMI feature where you can get your ychosen product on installment without the additional charge. And what’s best about it is that 80-90% of the products retailed in Flipkart will be discounted big time!

What you should do…

If you want this much discount, you must install the Flipkart app on your smartphone or Download Flipkart App For PC. Make a list of all the products you want to buy this coming October. Or improved yet, put it on your wishlist via the Flipkart app. And to make it more fun, tell your friends and family so you might enjoy great discounts together this Flipkart Big Billion Day 2018.