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Exercises to train the whole body and lose weight

Beyond the fact that summer motivates us to be in shape, any time of year is the ideal time to start thinking about the best exercises to train the whole body and, of course, lose weight. After all, who does not crave a slender, toned figure and improve their health?

Exercises to train the whole body and lose weight

There is no doubt that physical appearance has become a very important part of everyone’s life. It is one of the edges of our letter of introduction to the world.

That is why, both thinking about physical appearance and health, we must take care of the body through a series of exercises. Likewise, it is important to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Exercises to train the whole body

1. Abdomen

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When it comes to working the abdomen, it is necessary to follow a series of routines and exercises. To begin with, we must place ourselves face down on the floor, with the arms flexed and the knees stretched, as well as the elbows and forearms resting on the floor. When doing this work, it is necessary to be completed in a straight line.

In this same position, you should flex your right leg up and hold it for 30 seconds. Afterward, we proceed to do the same work as the other leg.

The following abdomen exercise is performed on the side, with the feet, elbow and forearm support. A bending posture should be maintained for 30 seconds. Then, it is done on the other side. The idea is to work the body in both directions: right and left.

Next, in the same position as the first exercise, you should raise each arm for 30 seconds and keep the weight of your body on one side only. Meanwhile, you have to leave the core firm.

2. Legs and glutes

To tone and train your legs and buttocks, you can start by performing squats (in sets of 20). When doing them, you must keep the arms stretched and the back totally straight. You can also perform leg flexions in sets of 15 repetitions, flexing each knee this number of times.

When you have performed this routine, you should lie on the floor with your back supported in a straight position and your legs flexed. At the same time, lift your thighs as much as you can and repeat this exercise with 20 repetitions.

3. Arms and chest

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To tone the arms and chest, you can help you with dumbbells or dumbbells. These elements are ideal for training the repetitive exercises, in a series of 45, and stretching, in a series of 50 times.

The work and exercises with these dumbbells and dumbbells will also help you gain strength in your arms and hands while toning your arms and chest. To do this, you must exercise both arms and combine the movements and repetitions in each of them. You can also do push-ups with knees resting on the floor in sets of 20.

4. To burn fat

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To burn the accumulated fat in the legs, buttocks or abdomen, you can try different exercises and routines. One of them is to put yourself in the starting position of the race and move your legs as if you were going to run, keeping the weight in your arms. This work is usually called mountain climbing.

Another alternative is to perform a jump and bending routine combined with 15-fold repetitions. Also, cardio routines are very effective, as they help burn fat accumulated in the body, buttocks, legs, arms, and abdomen. Pay attention to how you can do it:

  • Open your legs at the height of the shoulders and your hands, in the same position as the legs.
  • Make jumps while you open and close your legs simultaneously.
  • Repeat as many times as you have stipulated in your training program.

One variable of this exercise is to perform jumps by flexing the leg upwards. To do this, you must take your leg as high as you can with your knees bent. The idea is to keep the other foot on the ground, in lace, and perform this exercise in sets of 20 repetitions.

As you may have noticed, these exercises to train the whole body are both simple and brief, so they are an ideal way to tone muscles and lose weight. Follow this routine periodically and you will achieve the expected results in a much shorter period than you expected. Do the test!