Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition [v + DLCs] (2017) PC Game Download

Divinity Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition [v + DLCs] (2017)

Release date: September 14, 2017
Genre: RPG / 3D / Isometric
Developer: Larian Studios
Publisher: Larian Studios
Platform: PC
Edition type: RePack
Interface language: Russian, English
Voice Language: English
Tablet: Not required (DRM-Free by GOG)


Description:Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a party RPG developed by the Belgian studio Larian Studios for PC and a sequel to Divinity: Original Sin. Events Divinity: Original Sin 2 occur a thousand years after the events experienced in Divinity: Original Sin. In a world where the gods are dead, you are a master of forbidden magic, imprisoned in Fort Joy Island Prison. Masters of the Divine Order want to “heal” you from your abilities. However, the Order itself also has secrets – secrets that threaten everyone. In a world where there are no gods, chaos reigns, and to avoid it, he needs a new Deity. Choose your character’s race and background and see how the world responds to your choices. Gather a team and deal with enemies in tactical turn-based battles.

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
✔ Video card: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 550 or ATI ™ Radeon ™ HD 6XXX or higher
✔ Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX® 11
✔ Free hard disk space: 24 GB

Game features:
Great storyline. As always, the Belgian developers were able to weave an unusual web of many quests in a world that exists according to its own laws.
Full freedom of action. And these are not just words – even after killing a “plot” character, it will not be difficult to learn all the useful information from him, having a little necromancy.
The deepest craft crafting system. It is not only about the banal creation of weapons, equipment or artifacts, but also about much more sophisticated occupations. For example, each user, if desired, and some skill, will not be difficult to “cross” a few spells and come up with something original. The same goes for cooking recipes and other activities in Rivellon.
An unusual cooperative, which was already discussed above. Four friends (or enemies?) Can explore the world together or split up to go through separate storylines to get closer to the final.
Several races (initially it was about humans, lizards, gnomes and elves, but the creators of the project are threatening to increase the number of races available to at least six) and great opportunities in choosing the character’s prehistory. In fact, your hero can be anyone, from a noble noble person to a thieving tramp.

Repack features:
Based on the release from GOG
No cut / No recoded
Game archives are not opened
Game Version:
Supplement: Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Companion: Sir Lora the Squirrel
The language changes in the installer when installing
Installation time 15 minutes on HDD (Varies with computer)
Xatab repack


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