20 Things Book Lovers Must Understand

It all be contingent upon the readers and the book, you can find various books in the market but you need to select the one greatest for you which would create you happy while reading it. But if you are an Book Lover then you won’t think of it even once already buying any book from marketplace close you. Want to know details to your why then you will be happy to read 20 Things Only Book Lovers Will Realize.

1. Losing The Desired Word You Were On

Anger Person

It’s the one of the chief problems which makes a book lover HYPER. Losing the word you were on doesn’t makes every sense to be rude but sometimes while into the books and shuffling between different pages might help you to come across this situation and make you the greatest anger person from the inside.

2. Hardest Thing : Finding The Best Location For Reading a Book 

Best Location Reading Book

You strength not feel comfortable even when you are sitting conventional or laying down or even if you’re on stomach.  It’s constantly hard selecting a place to start reading.

3. Selection Of The Book

Book Selection 

This question consumes greatest of our time. It takes a lot of time while choosing the right book which you need to read.

4. Selecting A Book While Entering Into Book Shop

Book Store

When you enter a book shop it becomes very problematic selecting one of the greatest books from those 1000’s available in the shop. Therefore you want to select the best book which you want to buy, but remember your pocket should permit the amount.

5. Reading Out One Line Twice 


It’s one of the greatest followed things while reading a book. Various people repeats one lines twice or even thrice.

6. Never Folding Up A Page 

Book Lover

Book lovers don’t like pages to be folded they strength scold you if you folded any of their pages and they found it’s you, then you’re left.

7. Buying One, Finishing It and Then Searching For Another Book

Did you whole reading your one of the books? not yet and ongoing another book? Stop why to quit reading the first one, go ahead and whole it first.

8. Sharing Is Caring 

Sharing is Caring

Have you read your book? done with it? you strength share it with your friends to grab their books for free.

9. You’re Into Book and Found It Has Ended 

Reading While You Left For Work

You think the book is left with the last part or chapter and unexpectedly you found that you have finished it.

10. Reading While You Left For Work

It’s the greatest expensive time for readers. Why to waste an hour travelling in trains instead you can read a book.

11. Lost Your Book While Travelling 

Book While Travelling

Greatest of the person’s doesn’t lose their books but yes you strength be unlucky to lose a book in trains.

12. That Silence You Need When Someone Says Anything

Keep Silence

While reading a book each reader love to have pin drop silence in the room. If you are not intelligent to find a quiet room then you won’t be talented to understand the story of the book.

13. When You Find Your Favourite Book Released As a Book 

It’s greatest annoying and funny because you already know the story of what is going to happen in the movie. There’s actually no want of it.

14. Spoilers, Who Don’t Love Reading’ Books 


People who don’t love reading books are the greatest irritating and the spoilers of a reader’s life.

15. Not Enough Time To Read  All The Books Available In The World

Stop Wasting My Time

If you start finding time to read additional you will find you can’t actually do so. So, stop wasting your time on intelligent and start reading the book you’re holding.

16. When They Republish a Book With New Cover


Ahhh! It’s a crap. Move forward.

17. When People Buy You a Book You Wanted From Long Time 

Book Lover Girl

It single happens either on Christmas or birthdays.

18. Forget To Bookmark The Page You Were On

bookmark page

It’s another one of the greatest annoying things which can be there in a life of reader, it even sometimes happens with me but after all you can get on to the page fair a free view over the last page you remember.

19. Telling People The Reason Why You Loved One Of The Books You Purchased

Mainly people who doesn’t read book might not get these things but really whenever you may ask a person why you love reading a specific book you might grow busy for next 1 hour.

20. Worst Part Is Exchanging Books and Not Reading It


It is problematic to forget reading a book but it strength happen you mistakenly forget to read one of your favourite book which you got by switching your another book.

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