Birthday Wish

500+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes

Are you searching for “Happy Birthday Wishes”  to share with your best friend, if you really do then I’m glad that you found this article? After creation lots of efforts I and friends manage to prepare the top best 500+ happy bday wishes, you confidently going to love it for sure. we like to wish you a very happy birthday to your friend. Likewise, not all the below wishes on happy birthday were free to copy and share with your birthday boy or girl. In today’s world friends is like a diamond, you continually want them to shine.

Now days sending birthday wishes is becoming very traditional these days. It’s very difficult to find the best day wishes for sharing with friends. But here I must say your search is over here. So without any further due let’s directly jump into the collection of “happy birthday wishes“.

Birthday Wish

500+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends

Let’s first begin our collection with happy birthday wishes for friends, you surely going to love it.

Yes, finally it’s your turn to give a party and take loved gifts from us. Happy birthday

On this special day, I wish may your destiny take you everywhere, where you are dreamt of going and making fun. Happy birthday.

Hey buddy, it’s your birthday today, so no work, only fun and fill it will all things that you love to do. Happy birthday.

Congratulation and celebration, wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless you.

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Someone whom I love most was born today. Happy birthday to my dearest one.

I am feeling awesome to wish birthday to the best soul ever I meet on this planet. Thanks for joining us.

Life is too short to think about the past, enjoy the present and live fullest. Happy birthday to my dear friend.

I wish you will receive all best things in the world in the coming years, and fulfil all your dreams. Wish you a very happy birthday.

Let’s light up the candles, cut cakes, and celebrate this special day of your life. It’s party time, Happy birthday.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I wish to the direction of all happiness changes their direction towards you. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wish

It’s been proven that the peoples, who live longer in the earth, celebrate more happy birthdays.

Neither you or I can stop the time, all we can do it celebrate a memorable birthday of yours.

You are like fine wine, getting much better with more time you are spending here on earth. Happy birthday.

Hey, Congratulation, now you are officially too old to drive motorbike with your girlfriend. Happy birthday, bro.

Remember age is nothing without number; it’s you who decide how young heart you want to keep. Happy birthday.

Congratulation! You have come across one more amazing year. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

More candle and cakes are waiting to add happiness on your birthdays. Wish you a very happy birthday.


Still, your smile looks sparkling with the few remaining teeth’s that are left. Happy birthday

Smile, Smile, Smile, and keep smiling because of its your birthday here. Happy birthday, dude.

Another year has passed, thanks for adding wonderful memories that we add together. Happy birthday, dear.

I was thinking since from last month what to send on your birthday. Sorry, you’re inexpressible in words. Happy birthday to you.

Yes, it’s a special day, because the kindest and beautiful hearted person was born on this special day. Happy birthday, thanks for joining to our life.

Happy cake on your face daily. Happy birthday my dear friend.

Don’t think you are getting older; think how classic you are getting by claiming one more year. Happy birthday!

I was thinking to gift something cool, funny and amazing, then suddenly I remember you already have me in your life.

You are an amazing person in every way. Keep smiling and enjoy this special day.


Wish you will have an extraordinary birthday like the most outstanding you are. Happy birthday, dear.

Here I am wishing birthday the sweetest and coolest person ever I meet. Have the happiest birthday.

Don’t ever change, because you are just amazing the way you are. Happy Birthday my Hero.

I wish this day will be the most special day of your life after receiving countless good wishes from me. Happy birthday, bro.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful person I have ever meet on this earth. Happy birthday.

Wish the upcoming year will be one level up in achieving the impossible in your life. Happy birthday.

It’s the perfect day to take a new resolution for the upcoming New Year in your life. Wish you a promising birthday.

Birthday is the day when you reborn, let’s celebrate it big, Happy birthday.

This is a very special milestone in the journey called life. Wish God will make this milestone full of joy and happiness.

It comes once in 365 days, yes I am talking about your birthday. Let’s make it BIG for you with good wishes from us.


Keep Smiling, Be happy, and make all your dream comes true in coming years. Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

It’s your day! Go, Fly, swim, life beyond the expectations, make unconventional happen, wish you a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday idiot, may your day be full of surprises and you cut innummerable cakes.

I cannot imagine how cute you would look with all those cake on your face. Happy birthday to you.

Latest Happy Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Are you in true love, if yes then this place is for you. Here you see amazing latest collection of birthday wishes for gf & bf.

Happy B’day beautiful, you are getting better with each year like an old wine. I love you.

Your birthday is mine to make special and I promise to do it. Happy birthday my love, keep smiling.

Happy B’day to my partner in crime. We’ve grown up knowing each other too well.

Let us grow old together and celebrate our birthdays like a holiday. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

All the colors in my life are because of you. Happy birthday to the brightest star of my life, my love.

Eternally I would be yours and you would be mine and absolutely nothing can change it. HBD my love.

Happy birthday woman, I have seen you grow up from a girl to a lady and the best part was growing up with you.

I was a useless piece of paper before but your presence turned me into a beautiful poetry. Happy b’day, lady love.

Practically, your birthday is also a special day in my calendar and let us celebrate it in a grand style.

I know darkness is an inevitable thing in life but you are shining light that emits darkness. Happy B’day, princess.

I won’t promise you stars and moon but I want to promise you happiness and health. HPY B’Day to the best part of my life

I got to know about true love when I got to know about you. Happy birthday, love. Stay blessed.

The funniest part of your birthday is, it feels like I am celebrating my own. Happy birthday crazy girl. I shall love you forever.

Never knew I would be afraid of losing someone until I got you. Happy birthday to the queen of my life.

HBD, girl, no matter what comes ahead, we’ll surpass it together.

HBD, madness, it’s your day and enjoys it like it won’t come back.

Happy B’day darling. You deserve all the happiness in the world and you will be a successful woman in near future.

Happy birthday to the gorgeous girlfriend in the world. You are my prized possession.

You came into my life and taught me how to love. Happy birthday to the person who is not just my girlfriend but my guide in life too.

I would love to hug you right now and wish you a very happy birthday but somehow I can’t and I am sending you all my love for this message. HBD to the love of my life.

HBD to a lady who inspires me to be a good person and who’s efforts encourage me.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Husband & Wife

So now let’s get into the collection of birthday wishes for husband and wife.

Dear husband, on your birthday lets, make a promise of never giving up on one another. Happy birthday

You changed my life in a number of good ways and I cannot thank you enough for that. Happy birthday dear husband.

Happy birthday to my partner in crime, let’s continue to make more mischief every day throughout our lives.

Happy birthday dear husband. You are my secret keeper and guide. May this day be as happy as you always stay.

I cannot express how happy and excited I am to share this day with you. Happy birthday dear husband, stay blessed.

Happy birthday to my life partner, may your life be joyful and you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve.

Dear husband whenever u think of you, I cannot help but fall in love with you more and more. Happy birthday, may God bless you.

Happy birthday to my soulmate, you are not just my husband you are my best friend too.

My happiness begins with you and ends on you. Happy birthday dear husband. You are indeed the best I could ask for.

Happy birthday, my dear husband, I want to thank you on this special day for encouraging me and supporting me.

Dear loving husband, we are one soul divided into two bodies. Happy birthday to you, live longer and happier.


Wishing the most wonderful husband a very happy birthday, i promise you to make this day even better than before.

Growing old might sound bad, but I don’t mind growing old with you. Happy birthday dear husband.

As a husband, you are not just the best but you are the man of my dreams. Happy birthday, love.

Happy Birthday Messages for Best Friend, Brother, Sister

Do you love your brother or sister, if you really do then this birthday wishes collection is for you only? enjoy.

Life has never been the same since i got you as my brother. It became better. Happy birthday.

Happiest birthday to the reason behind so many of my smiles. Make me proud brother.

We have a bond like no other and we will continue sharing this beautiful bond. Happy birthday brother.

A brother-sister relationship is the purest form of love. Happy birthday to my brother.

A caring brother is an asset and you are my biggest asset. Happy birthday brother.

I have seen my biggest guide in you and i love you the most my loving brother. Happy birthday.


Happy birthday to the person whom i hate and love at the same time. Cheers to your madness brother.

Happy birthday brother. Make it large and dont forget to have all the cake on your face.

Happy birthday, today is the day you when you can go on throwing tantrums and i wont mind it at all.

Happy birthday brother, your sister is very proud of you. Keep working hard.

On this day, i take the opportunity to wish my loving brother a very happy birthday.

Happy birthday brother, may life surprise you with lots of success and happiness.

Happy birthday to the person who is my best friend and my go to person in need. Thank you for picking me up when I shattered. I will always love you.

Nothing can ever change the bond between a brother and a sister. Happy birthday to my little sister. Grow up to be a nice girl.

Find happiness in all the little things you do sister. A very happy birthday to you. Stay happy and keep smiling.

From sharing chocolates to sharing secrets, we both grew up together. Happy birthday, sister. >>


We have fun together as well as cry together, we are always there for each other. Sister, you are a gem of a person, and I wish you a very happy birthday.

I thank God for gifting me with a sister like you. You are the best gift i ever got. I hope to see you reach your goals sooner. Happy birthday, sister.

 Happy birthday, sister, I wish you to be successful in your life and to be happy throughout. Stay blessed.

Happy Birthday Messages for Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Finding best messages for gf & bf is always a big task. We have done all the research for you all, here we bring you the latest collection of messages for your gf or bf.

HPY Birthday to the girl who makes my day brighter with her smile. I love you beyond words and you are indeed the best girlfriend ever.

Happy B’day girlfriend, we’re going official tomorrow and you have my back for life.

I feel like the luckiest guy alive to have a girlfriend like you who loves football as much as she loves me. Happy birthday you little football freak.

I do not know what to gift you on this day but I do know that you are a gift to me. Happy birthday, girlfriend.

My would be wife. You’re an amazing woman and truly the inspiration in my life.

Happy birthday, girl. May your day be filled with fun, joyous moments and true love. You will always find me beside you.


Love got meaningful the day you walked into my life. Happy birthday my lovely partner.

You have been my partner in crime in all those mischievous moments and I would love to continue doing them with you lifelong. HBD, fun woman.

My life was a mess until you walked into it and turned it into a beautiful place to live in. HBD, love.

I have never been this happy in my life until you came in it and made it a better place to live in. Happy b’day, girlfriend.

HPY Birthday to my better half. Celebrate your day in a way you never forget.

I held so many things in my hand but the most beautiful thing was you. Happy birthday, love.

I always thought there isn’t anything like love but now with you beside me, I think there isn’t anything except love. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday, love. I want my life to be full of your smiles, your happiness, and your love.

Happy birthday lovely lady. Stay blessed and enjoy the day with the closest persons of your life which should also include me, just kidding.

I never believed in superwoman until I saw you doing things I never believed a woman can do. Happy B’day my heroine.

Your smile is the best way to start my day. HBD, love. Stay blessed and keep smiling.


Happiest birthday to my lucky charm. Grow more beautiful every day. Enjoy to the fullest.

HBD, my girlfriend, I might not be a good boyfriend but I promise to be a good husband.

You are not just my girlfriend, you are my entire world. Your birthday is a day to be cherished. Happy B’day, love.

Forget the past and embrace the present. Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend and would be wife.

I can never honestly picture a day without you, my love. Happiest birthday to you. Let’s make your day remembered.

I came across many girls but I never met someone like you. HBD, prettiness. You are beautiful inside out.

Girls like you deserve bigger diamonds love. HBD to the prettiest girl ever. I love you.

Happy birthday my lady, grow prettier day by day and may your life be full of smiles and joy.

Having you in my life is not less than any blessing. Happy B’day, girlfriend. You are truly and deeply loved.

Years pass, but you still keep on getting more beautiful. Happy b’day, girlfriend.

Happy Birthday SMS for Lady, Boss

Boss plays a very important role in every person life. Are you planning to impress your lady boss then keep scrolling down for latest happy birthday sms for boss.

Best birthday to the most hardworking boss who never forgets to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Dear boss, on this birthday of yours, we want to let you know how much you have made our work so much fulfilling and fun. This is what true leadership is. Wonderful Birthday!

You are certainly a real king in our eyes and you are the Elvis Presley of all the bosses in the world, so let’s get the party started. We are going to have fun because it’s your special day!

Dear boss, thank you for inspiring us to do better and for encouraging the team to work on great heights. May you have the best birthday ever!

Thank you for you always cheered us on. Today, we celebrate your day, because you deserve the best celebrations on your birthday, happy birthday boss!


You truly are the best boss around – always calm during the face of deadline and is able to keep everyone on track. Happy bday!

Here’s wishing you a lifetime of wisdom, hope, courage and strength. Wonderful bday to the best boss!

Dear boss, may your life outside the office be filled with so much happiness, support and kindness you give away so freely within our walls. Best birthday!

So far, you have been the best boss I have ever worked with. Keep it up and enjoy your day because you deserve to be happy.

On this special day of yours, may you have the chance to sit back, relax and let loose while we all do the work for you. Wonderful birthday, boss!

You are certainly a rich person, boss! This is because everyone around you owes you a lot. This is because of your kindness and guidance. Best bday!

Wonderful bday to a great boss! Your special day is also special for us. You are an incredible leader but an even more incredible friend.

Here’s hoping that you will have a long and fulfilling career and receive all the success that you can handle. Best Birthday!

I know we will never get a chance to say this, but we really think that you are just an amazing boss! Keep it up, happy birthday!

Wishing you a carefree, fun and special birthday. So get out of here and take that much needed day off for you deserve it boss, wonderful birthday!

Today is a boss day! So let’s celebrate this special day like there will be no work tomorrow, wonderful bday!

I am really proud to be part of your team. Having a boss like you is such an inspiration for me to keep going. Best Bday!

Happy birthday, boss! Thank you for your wise words and thank you for being an open door and a listening ear over these years.

You could have worked for other company. That is how great you are as a boss to me. I am indeed lucky to have you as my boss, best bday!


With a boss like you, I only have two things to day. First, happy birthday. Second, never change and stay that way.

There is nothing better than knowing that I never have to lose even a single minute of sleep on a Sunday night because Monday is just around the corner. Thanks for making work fun, boss. Happy bday!

Wishing you a wonderful and fun filled birthday. You deserve it, so be happy! Happy birthday.

Happy bday boss and all the best for yet another great year ahead in your professional and personal life.

Happy Birthday SMS for Husband & Wife

Last but not the least, here we bring you the latest collection of happy birthday sms for your wife & husband.

Dear love, you are not my number one, you are my only one. Happy birthday, husband.

My dear husband, life has been sweeter with you and I want to share it forever in your arms. Happy birthday.

My love always grows for you with each passing day, your birthday is our special day. Let us celebrate together dear. Happy birthday, husband.

Life has been better since the day I met you. Happy birthday dear husband, grow old with me.

Happy birthday to my better half, marrying you was the best thing that happened in my life. Stay blessed.

Your birthday is the most awaited day in my life and I wish to celebrate it together as long as we live.

Dear husband, you mean the entire world to me and making your birthday special is my duty. Happy birthday, husband.

I hope I get to wish you on your birthday for as long as I live. Happy birthday, sweetheart, you are the best husband.

You are the king in my life and you rule my heart, my dear husband. Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to the person who makes each morning brighter for me. I am fond of your my dear husband.

You are the person who listens to my silly tantrums and controls them nicely. Happy birthday dear husband, may you live long.

Happy birthday, husband, I want to live this day for 100 more years with you.

You are the most thoughtful husband ever and your birthday is the most special day in my life. Happy birthday, husband.

On your birthday, I wish you, my dear husband, a life full of both health and wealth. Much love, happy birthday.

I cannot explain how lucky I am that I get to share all your happiness together. Happy birthday to my loving husband.

Happiness is celebrating your birthday together every year like a ritual. Happy birthday loving husband