Beet salmorejo recipe

Do you suffer from hypertension? In that case we are going to teach you a recipe that will help you combat the problem. It is the beet salmorejo, a very simple dish.

Beet salmorejo recipe

The beet salmorejo is an excellent recipe to introduce this beneficial vegetable into the diet. It has a series of nutrients that generate positive effects on health. In addition, it is a refreshing dish, excellent for hot summer seasons.

Remember that it is essential to ensure the regular consumption of vegetables. Both fruits and vegetables provide important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ensure the proper functioning of the body. If the contribution is not adequate, the risk of developing complex pathologies increases.

Beet salmorejo

Before getting fully into the recipe, we are going to tell you about some of the nutritional properties of beets. It is a vegetable that has substances called nitrates inside. These are capable of exerting a vasodilator effect, reducing arterial hypertension.

This is evidenced by a study published in Biomolecules. Thanks to this effect, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases can be reduced. It must be taken into account that increases in blood pressure are a risk factor for heart problems, which negatively affects health.

At the same time, beets concentrate anthocyanins, antioxidants that help prevent the development of certain chronic diseases. These elements are also present in blueberries. They are phytonutrients that act as pigments and provide an intense red color.

According to research published in the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, these elements contribute to reducing the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. Especially the effect is magnified in patients with diabetes, more prone to alterations in this system.

Finally, it should be noted that beets are a source of iron. Every 100 grams of food contains 0.8 milligrams of the mineral. This nutrient is important to fight against the development of anemia, as evidenced by a study published in The Medical Clinics of North America.

Beet salmorejo recipe

The beet is little used but very nutritious.

However, vegetable iron has a low absorption, so it is important to combine its intake with vitamin C so that the bioavailability of the mineral is enhanced. Thus the effect becomes more significant at the level of prevention of iron deficiency anemia.


500 grams of cooked beets.
2 cloves of garlic
40 grams of stale bread crumbs.
Black pepper and salt.
Sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil.

Step by Step

There are two options for the preparation of the dish, the first is to acquire the canned beet, already cooked. The second is to cook the vegetable at home, with water and salt. We recommend the first one, since at a nutritional level they are similar and avoiding cooking increases the ease of the recipe.

Once the decision has been made, it is necessary to introduce the chopped beet into the glass of a blender. They include the peeled and finely chopped garlic, the breadcrumb that had to be soaked in cold water for about 10 minutes and the dressing.

It is best to use 3 parts of olive oil for each one of vinegar, so that it is not too strong. Salt and pepper are added to taste.

Beet salmorejo recipe

It is a simple and ideal recipe for any time of the day.

When all the ingredients are in the blender glass, the contents are thoroughly crushed for about 5 minutes. It is important that there are no tripping, as it could spoil the final result. You have to obtain a cream with a fine and homogeneous texture. If for any reason it comes out too thick, it can be thinned with a little water.

When the beet salmorejo is ready, it will have to be placed in the refrigerator, since it is a preparation that is recommended to be consumed cold. To accompany it, a few small cubes of ham or jerky can be placed on top, thus improving the protein content of the final dish.

Keep in mind that beet salmorejo has a low energy density. For this reason it can work well as a starter. It is a good starter for hot periods, although it will be necessary to guarantee a meal with a higher concentration of macronutrients afterwards so as not to experience deficits.

Prepare beet salmorejo

The beet salmorejo is very easy to prepare. It is a cream that has beneficial properties for health. Above all, it works well at the level of prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Now, in case of being medicated with drugs for the heart, it is recommended to first ask the doctor if it is suitable for consumption.

On the other hand, keep in mind that it is an optimal preparation for athletes. The vasodilator effect of nitrates allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles, delaying the onset of fatigue. Its regular consumption for 14 days in a row increases the performance of athletes in anaerobic activities.