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3 Night Stay at Varu By Atmosphere Hotel – Overall Experience

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts presents Varu by Atmosphere, an all-inclusive resort in the Maldives, located on the pristine Indian Ocean of the Maldives. Varu By Atmosphere is considered the best resort that covers all aspects of a stress-free vacation in the Maldives.

Enjoy your first covered moments on your Maldives package in paradise as you arrive from Malé International Airport to the northwestern Maldives on a 40-minute speedboat ride. During your stay, immerse yourself in 5-star service while learning about the local culture and friendly hospitality. Varu means resilience, strength, and abundance in Dhivehi, the native dialect, all of which are expressed in the resort, which is a fantastic combination of contemporary design and tropical sentiment. Varu by Atmosphere is definitely an adventure.

3 Night Stay at Varu By Atmosphere Hotel – Overall Experience

This villa beach house embraces the surrounding tropical landscape, you can live a peaceful life on the island. Wake up to stunning ocean views and swim in the crystal clear turquoise lagoon. Open a beautiful wooden door and you will find yourself in a beautiful island hideaway. With unlimited ocean views from every window and the touch of blue waves just a step away, breathe eloquence in your aquatic sanctuary.

3 Nights Stay at Varu By Atmosphere Hotel

Its three premium Majlis suites are a haven of tranquility, surrounded by beautiful tropical plants and conveniently located near the beach. A three-night stay at Varu by Atmosphere Maldives will prove to be an incredible experience. You will have many things to do, whether it is sports, food or having a fun time, Varu by Atmosphere covers all of them through its facilities.

1. Sports and Recreation

A vacation in VARU will not disappoint you if you enjoy outdoor activities, adventure, pleasure, and games. Its lagoon-front sports and leisure center offers a variety of opportunities for exercise and sports. Stunning ocean views enhance every visit here. Imagine doing your training while contemplating the blue sea. Alternatively, you can walk barefoot on the white sand beach and play beach volleyball. Many of these exciting events have been specially designed for you at VARU because of the atmosphere. Badminton, tennis, beach volleyball, gym, and regular weekly physical activities such as morning yoga, wake-up gym sessions, aqua yoga, kids yoga, and pilates are just some of the activities available through DISPORT in the Maldives.

2. Ambience

VARU’s elegant all-day restaurant by ambiance is designed to provide a tranquil seaside setting with outdoor and covered seating, white and cream décor, and subtle turquoise green elements. The houses are well decorated, with huge bathrooms and private pools. With the invigorating scent of Indian Ocean air, soothing music, soft sand underfoot, and delicious buffets, Lime & Chilli sets the stage for a fantastic gourmet adventure.

3. Cuisine

VAR by Atmosphere’s all-day restaurant offers varied and extensive breakfast buffets that go beyond the obvious with a touch of Maldivian cuisine, featuring the finest culinary masterpieces stretching from Europe to Asia and our Maldivian shores for captivating your taste buds.

4. Wellness

Whether you want to do some quiet yoga on the beach or put in a few hours of intense exercise, VARU by Atmosphere has all the amenities to prepare you for a busy, fun-filled day!

5. Dining Experience

Enjoy a gastronomic adventure at VARU by Atmosphere in the Maldives, where the best restaurants in the Maldives serve you the best gourmet experiences from around the world. Choose from the best gastronomic delights from Europe to Asia, plus a touch of the Maldives for good measure.

Take a dip at a pool bar and enjoy a wonderful drink. Enjoy exquisite lunch and dinner buffets with stunning presentations and incredible views for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For those stunning sunsets, enjoy traditional sundowners and authentic Mediterranean cuisine in an elegant setting over the water. Raise a toast to some of the most spectacular lagoon views on the island with a vintage cocktail. Enjoy a la carte grilled dinner on the beach as you watch the moonlight dance across the lagoon with a gentle sea breeze and soft sand under your toes.

6. Drinks & beverages

Beer, premium liquor, and wines are available at Bay Rouge, Lime & Chilli, and three specialty restaurants: Nü (the Mediterranean overwater seafood cuisine), Charcoal (sizzling and grilling on the beach), and Kaagé (progressive Maldivian cuisine).

You can also order an unlimited number of signature drinks, cocktails, mocktails, fruit juices, soft drinks, fresh seasonal mineral water, and a variety of teas and coffees from the VARU PlanTM cocktails, spirits, and beer menu.