20 Benefits of Having a Blogger BoyFriend

20 Benefits of Having a Blogger BoyFriend

Blogger men force be different people and have an entirely changed thinking but they are similar men after all. They crave female attention like the majority of the male community. This article will give you 20 good motives and benefits of having a blogger boyfriend.

1. You never have to worry about money because a blogger boyfriend earns quite well. ?

They are very hard working and earn a very well alive. This is not just good for your relationship status but too good for the future.

2. They are too busy to look away from their screen to bother with other girls so there are no chances of getting cheated. ?

They are consumed in their own world of computers and will else have time for you. Therefore you can have a protected relationship.

3. They are entrepreneurs and are highly independent. ?



They don’t have a boss to answer to and have a promising business growth which is constantly good for the future of your relationship.

4. You can count on them to remember all your important day. ?

Be it your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any additional important day. Dates mean a lot to them as they are businessmen and have a good memorial.

5. They are self-employed so going out and taking some time off for vacations will never be an issue for them. ?

This is the largest advantage. They can continually take out time for you and you will have their complete responsiveness when they are with you. There will be no calls from the leader or the boss as they are self-employed.

6. You can count on enjoying their company as they are highly energetic and intelligent people so there is no chance of getting bored. ?

Bloggers are very creative. Therefore you will not ever have to listen to wit-less and gruesome talks. You will have a full new world to experience with them.

7. Blogger boyfriends will know how to surprise you because they are very creative. ?

It’s sort of their talent. You will have the greatest birthday and anniversary bashes. You can really on them to create your special occasions even more special with their creativity.

8. Fights and arguments will be dealt with in a very calm manner as bloggers are business minded people and are very good at negotiating. ?

As businessmen, they have a very serene nature and they will continually know how to handle the situation. Therefore not each fight will lead to a breakup.

9. They love you for your true nature and don’t believe in the materialistic values like dressing up and wearing makeup. ?

Blogger men don’t actually care about the clothes that you wear or makeup. You don’t have to spend endless hours to grow dressed for them. You can dress in what you feel relaxed and they would still love you.

10. They are never out of reach. ?

If the phone is not employed just ping them at their mail id and then the reply will be instant. You not ever lose contact with them. This has an additional advantage. Since they are continually online, they can not ever ignore your messages even if they are not available for calls.

11. They have a profound taste and you can count on getting the best gifts in the world. ?

You can count on getting the newest gadgets and all greatest tech stuff that you can brag about. They know about some of the best gift galleries and the best popular gifts that girls like so you will have a good time opening your presents.

12. Oh yes, they are popular! ?

You can count on getting a celebrity management. They are very onward about their relationship status. They have a wide social network as they spend on social networking sites. You will impression like you are dating a star. Alter all limelight is what all girls need.

13. If you are in a job crisis you can always go and work with him. ?

The greatest part is that is it a fun job. You don’t have to concern about what is going to happen after college or what happens if you quit. Whenever you have a job crisis, you will continually have the option of working with them.

14. No matter what the fight is about you can always count on them approaching with a solution. ?

They don’t take their relationships casually. They are very serious about the people they bond with and will do all in their strength to save the relationship from falling apart.

15. They like independent women and since they are so working savvy you can always count on having space in your life. ? 

Even although bloggers earn quite a fortune, they don’t control their girlfriends. They like their women independent and respect your privacy and interplanetary in life. They do not ever interfere with your life.

16. They are very gentle people. ?

Their style of romance might be changed but you will surely feel them trying. For all the girls who think that bloggers are insensitive. You are wrong! They care as much as any good boyfriend does. They like their relationships to be in good spirits. You can expect weird romance but that’s their method of showing that they love you.

17. They know all the kinky stuff and are great in bed as well. ??

They are stupid net surfers. They read all kinds of stuff online which enhances their knowledge and they create sure to implement it. So you can believe a good time in bed. The best part is that they not ever neglect your needs.

18. They understand what struggling with a career is like so they will support you at every point be it your career or other important life decisions. ?

They have faced hardships to become successful in blogging, therefore, they will support you in all phase of your life. You can total on them to be your guiding light.

19. They are very knowledgeable, so whenever you need counseling or advice regarding anything you can talk to them. ?

Bloggers are insatiable readers. They read almost everything and everything they find on the internet, therefore, they have knowledge about almost all. So next time you are in a dilemma, consult your blogger boyfriend.

20. You will feel proud to take them out with your friends. ?

With a boyfriend so successful and intelligence, it will be easy for you to present him to friends and family. You will too feel a sense of pride that your boyfriend is self-employed. You can create all the girls swoon will jealousy.