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13 plans to celebrate your birthday

If you are in doubt about whether or not to celebrate your birthday, do not miss this article in which we tell you why you should do it. In addition, we give you some proposals to have a good time.

13 plans to celebrate your birthday

When we talk about plans to celebrate your birthday, we are not just referring to a great celebration in the company of your loved ones. We are saying that one more year is worth celebrating. It is to be grateful for your existence, to discover that you still have a purpose in this life and a new opportunity to fulfill your dreams.

If you don’t like to celebrate your birthday or you know someone who saves their date for themselves, we think this is a good chance to reverse this position. It is a special day that reminds us that we are here, while others are no longer, and for that we must honor ourselves.

We suggest that, as your birthday approaches and someone asks you if you have plans, before the resounding “no”, you consider some of these options that we will share with you. They are original, innovative and very interesting ideas.

1. Travel in the heights

We start with a very unconventional alternative that will get you high: a hot air balloon ride. Yes, your loved ones, the cake and a few glasses for the toast will be more than enough to spend an unforgettable day. The size of the baskets varies and they accommodate between 8 and 24 people.

13 plans to celebrate your birthday

How about a tall birthday? In a hot air balloon you can upload the cake and your loved ones.

2. A walk on land

You could meet your friends and family on a go-kart track to live a four-wheel experience at maximum speed. Everything will depend on the predisposition of the guests to spend a moment of adrenaline.

In any case, there are different circuits that vary in duration and difficulty, so depending on the members, you can choose a more or less intimidating one.

3. Colored balls

Like ball parks for children, but for adults. This attraction is very fun and suitable for all audiences.

Diving with your guests in small pools full of balls of all colors is an experience that will bring out your inner child. These places also usually offer food services, karaoke and other attractions.

4. Paintball game

This alternative is increasingly used by groups of friends who want to have fun, but with adrenaline in between. If you are a fan of video games like Call of Duty, this is your chance to bring some of the combat strategies to life.

5. Escape

And speaking of video games, the famous room escape comes to the real world as one of the best plans to celebrate your birthday. Enigmas, riddles, clue searches and many other challenges await you and your guests to spend a day full of secrets to discover.

In this case, there are some thematic proposals in which typical outfits of the chosen scene can be used. There are scenarios that seem real and spaces full of mysteries to be solved.

6. Spa

If what you are looking for for yourself and your most intimate ones is a moment of relaxation, then the spa day is the best plan to celebrate your birthday. Both beauty centers and hotels offer a complete service. What’s more, some sites offer promotions for the weekend.

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7. Cocktail bar

There are many bars that offer a special service of tasting different cocktails to celebrate birthdays. They decorate the facilities and open their doors for you so you can enjoy an intimate and relaxed moment with your guests.

Also, some wineries do the same and put at your disposal a selection of their best wines, so you can taste them with your friends. Boards of cold cuts and cheeses can be added to make the celebration complete.

8. Home theater

Comfortable makeshift seats, buckets of homemade popcorn and your favorite drinks come together to spend a few hours enjoying the best movies of all time. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the complete Star Wars saga, Back to the Future or The Matrix, to name just a few of the latest movie classics that you can watch with your guests.

9. Pool party

Having a birthday in summer has its advantages. The best of them is that you can give a very fun pool party in which the water, the sun and the best company will make your birthday an unforgettable event. Day or night, with a barbecue or a bar of drinks and games of lights, without a doubt it will not go unnoticed.

10. Amusement park

Why not spend your birthday at an amusement park? Roller coaster, mazes and many other games will make your party a unique event. The advantage of this option is that it is suitable for all audiences, as these places have juices for all ages.

11. Theme parties

A costume party never fails and is always welcomed as the opportunity for everyone to dress up in whatever they like best. You can propose contests with prizes for the best costume, the most original or the most eccentric.

12. Tupper sex

This trend has been prevailing for some time and is used at bachelorette parties. It is worth clarifying that it is an adult-only party in which a sex expert is hired to have a fun conversation on the subject.

13. Outdoor activities

You can organize a walk, a bike ride, a soccer game, volleyball or bocce ball. You enjoy outdoor sports activities and, at the same time, celebrate your birthday.

13 plans to celebrate your birthday

Going out with your friends on a bike is a way to enjoy the outdoors, exercise and party, perhaps with a picnic at the end.

Reasons to celebrate your birthday

There are many reasons we have to celebrate our birthday and these are some of the reasons we want to share with you:

Celebrate life: you woke up again and life has given you another chance. Do not miss it. Make it count, make it count, and make it matter.
Choosing your company: this new year gives us the possibility to choose who we want to celebrate with and who we don’t. Becoming selective in our relationships is a healthy virtue.
Meet one more goal: each new year gives us the opportunity to meet one more goal or set goals.

A yes to the festivities with the plans to celebrate your birthday

You have come this far and it is not little. Let’s celebrate this new return to the sun with those who really want to join us on such a special day.

If for some reason you can’t meet who you want, then celebrate this year more with yourself. Take it as growth, as a day to be thankful for what you have achieved and as an opportunity to try again.