12 ideas to decorate with LED strips

LED strips are a trend in decoration. Their spin, power and performance rank them among the favorites. Learn about some options to install this technology.

12 ideas to decorate with LED strips

LED hoses or strips provide quality lighting. Hence, its use increases in home, office and business decoration, among other benefits.

Their variety is wide on the market in terms of tones, power and structures that allow them to be adapted to almost any room or corner. If what you are looking for is to reinvent decoration by supporting yourself with this kind of lights, you have reached the right guide.

What are LED strips?

These are adherent and flexible bands with bulbs in series that illuminate a space. Its format is variable, so that you find them in different colors, from soft white to warm tones.

The popularity of LEDs has much to do with performance, power, stability and dynamism that breaks the monotony of the environment. They are a solution in lighting design.

The strips are made up of a semiconductor material to color the light. They also have a protective lens that determines the beam, which works if it is polarized directly, unlike traditional lights.

Benefits of LED strips

There are many advantages of this kind of light. Here are the main advantages:

Minimum consumption: as explained in the article “Application of lighting with LEDs”, published in the Scientia Et Technica magazine of the Technological University of Pereira, the technology uses less energy than any other type of luminaire.
Safety: the hoses do not heat up, which represents zero risk on contact.
They are small: their size is minimal. Even some strips do not exceed 4 millimeters.
Customizable: you can adapt them to the space you want, playing with their colors and power. They are not exclusive for interior or exterior. This is a plus point to choose them, as they match the light spectrum of a conventional bulb.
Simple installation: being adhesive you do not need to open holes to embed them. In addition, they are flexible and not fragile like other bulbs.
Long useful life: thanks to its components they resist impacts, vibrations and temperature variation.

12 ideas to decorate with LED strips

LED lights are safe on contact. They do not heat up inside their carrying strips and therefore can be manipulated.

Ideas to decorate with LED strips

The range of alternatives is wide to decorate with LED strips, due to its ability to fit even in the least expected places. Here are some ideas to take advantage of this technology.

1. Frame mirrors or pictures

It is a way of accentuating the geometry of these objects, while projecting an indirect light from the strips. In the case of mirrors, LED spotlights are taken advantage of because the lighting bands go from behind and the luminescence is projected to where the user decides.

2. Light up rooms

It is common to install it in the moldings of the ceiling or the bottom of a piece of furniture. For example, in the dining room, LED light strips often replace floor lamps. This decision makes the space a relaxed and warm place.

3. Illuminate stairs and hallways

LED adhesive strips on the stair railings, on the edge of the stairs, on the plinth, on the handrail or on both ends of the ceiling achieve impressive effects. They also improve the visibility and appearance of the staircase, not to mention that they serve as signaling functions.

4. Change the aesthetics of your kitchen

It is in this room where such lights stand out independently. They provide an extra in certain tasks, given the precision that you take advantage of when peeling food or decorating a cake. Under the furniture or all over the countertop, they are functional, provide indirect light, low consumption and minimally invasive.

5. Bedroom environment

They work as an alternative to the bedside table lamp. They are usually installed at the head of the bed or the base of the frame. Its purpose is to make the environment as intimate and subtle as possible.

6. Get the most out of decorative furniture

Some lighting points that often go unnoticed are cabinets, furniture, dressing rooms and shelves, especially those with glass doors. LED strips represent a jovial style in small spaces, perfect for using light as an instrument to widen the field of vision.

They are installed in areas where ambient light does not reach, so the strips project spaciousness or open up simulated natural light. These points are usually under or on the back of the furniture.

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7. Give good reflections to a fountain or pool

One of the benefits of lighting strips is the low risk of electrocution when in contact with water. It is recommended that they go on the surface, just touching the liquid or hidden under the tiles on the upper edge, to gain a lighting effect without discovering the origin.

They have IP65 or IP68 protection for outdoors, so it is common to see them in pools and fountains, especially when it is a night event.

8. Complements floating ceilings

The view is dreamy when combining LED lights in a floating ceiling. They work directly or complementary and are fused into open structures or with acrylic cover borders.

9. Delineate corners

When it comes to a corner, the LED strips serve as indicators that delimit areas or furniture within the same environment.

10. They are magical in the gardens

In flowerpots or shrubs, to mention a few points of garden lighting, they provide a magical touch. Imagine the effects of small fireflies outside your home. Would you dare to try?

12 ideas to decorate with LED strips

Aesthetic and functional, the LED strips change aspects and provide clarity in the darkest or inaccessible areas.

11. Customize your office

Workspaces are not always adequately lit, which makes it difficult to carry out daily tasks. Solving this problem is simple with LED light strips without resorting to complex installations or influencing the rest of the environment.

12. Display the merchandise

As not everything is summarized to the decoration of the home, with the LED strips you highlight the products that you sell in your business or a specific space to attract the attention of the clients.

Save money with LED strips

Ambient with this kind of lighting is to unleash creativity while transforming your spaces into attractive and pleasant areas. These efficient bulbs mean savings in electricity and quality light.

Keep in mind that with these bulbs a large percentage of energy is converted into light, unlike traditional ones, which generate heat to a greater degree. They are a safe, colorful, innovative and decorative bet that you should try.