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12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours?

12) Aries: Egyptian Mau

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You are a courageous leader who is always ready for the next adventure and rarely pauses to consider the consequences before moving on. Although you are a formidable enemy when enraged, you are generally a pleasant companion who enjoys socializing and developing devoted followers. You are an Egyptian Mau.

These entrepreneurs are sassy pranksters who love to scale to new heights; Chasing new toys and, sadly, discovering new places to scratch. The Egyptian Mau is great for living in homes with a large cat tree and a variety of unique cat furniture and games to divert attention. They are also incredibly fast.

11) Taurus: Bengal

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You may be a bull, not the most delicate of creatures. But you are attracted to good things and you aspire to a life of luxury and pleasure in beautiful surroundings. You want physical contact on a regular basis and you are continually dedicated to whatever task you are working on. You are a Bengal.

They are typically large, have unwavering determination, and are capable of wreaking devastation in delicate environments filled with fragile objects. These felines are also very attractive and exotic in appearance.

10) Gemini: Siamese

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You have a reputation for being a social butterfly with so many interests that you are often dragged in two directions at the same time and have a hard time keeping your mouth shut. People enjoy your witty comments, but they might last forever. You are always looking for new experiences to try and tell your friends about them. You are Siamese.

The Siamese, being the most talkative of all cats, has a lot to say about everything and will spend much of the day responding to anyone who will listen. They tend to jump from one activity (or person) to the next without warning, but this is due more to their intellect than their snobbery.

9) Cancer: Persian

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You are a more withdrawn guy who likes to sit at home during the day than to go out on the town and some may find it difficult to overcome his hardened shell, but those who do will find that you are trustworthy and loyal. You don’t need much to make yourself happy; all that matters is that your own space is properly equipped with the things you love. You are Persian.

Persians exude royalty, flaunting their majesty and refinement wherever they go, but they do not regard humans as their servants. They enjoy a life of tranquility, which is often found in a quiet environment away from people, which is why many people refer to them as distant.

8) Leo: Maine Coon

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You have a commanding presence and a great personality that draw people into your orbit, and you love attention as much as any jungle monarch. Although jealousy can be your downfall, you are generally concerned about making connections rather than destroying them, and you are a fierce defender of your friends and family. No one questions your ability to hunt. You are a Maine Coon.

Maine Coons are a breed of house cat known for stealing and keeping any area free from intruders with centuries-old hunting skills, but the first thing you’ll notice about these house cats is their enormous size, quickly followed by their magnificent manes. The largest domestic cat ever recorded was a Maine Coon, and they are also quite muscular and strong.

7) Virgo: Burmese

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You know everything there is to know about your immediate surroundings, as your attention to detail is remarkable, making you a trustworthy rock for many of your friends.

Even though you approach most circumstances with a data-driven and goal-oriented mindset, you are compassionate and sensitive when it comes to giving advice, and you need frequent interaction with people to be at peace, you are Burmese.

Burmese is as non-threatening as they seem, but it’s hard to believe that this little cat could have so much power. His personality is very firm and confident, and the Burmese construction reflects this.

Because it is essential to keep track of every detail, the Burmese will closely monitor everything he does, but only to help him if necessary.

6) Libra: Ragdoll

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You have a very balanced lifestyle. Your way of life is characterized by harmony and balance, and that includes a strong affection for your other half. You are also kind and fair to everyone who wants to be your friend. And the calm environment that surrounds you makes people feel welcome in your company. You are a Ragdoll.

Ragdolls make wonderful housemates like any good Libra. They are low-maintenance friends who are content to be left alone but will immediately be glad when you return, ready to hug you with their legs open and a hug. They are as fair as cats, eager to learn their rules and obey them in order to live in harmony.

5) Scorpio: Cornish Rex

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You will be ecstatic with long and busy life and will haunt it no matter what others may think of your plans or strategies. As a result, people focus on the poisonous “treatment” they will receive for opposing their target, but you are not an attacker; it’s just self-defense.

In reality, you are a motivated person who aspires to the top of the possibilities of the world. You are willing to go out of your way to earn your affection, and many find your demeanor charming. You are a Cornish Rex.

The Cornish Rex can be impassive, stoic, or energetic, depending on the situation (i.e. influencing people). This cat has an undeniable charisma that draws others in to see what new shenanigans he will perform next. And it is not one to sit on when there are mountains to climb.

4) Sagittarius: Abyssinian

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You have the mistake of traveling and you always have. He can’t wait to see and do everything, and he’s ready to gift the masses with all of his knowledge when he returns. She is experienced and likes to come home and share her stories. You don’t like limitations. You are Abyssinian.

The Abyssinian will not let time pass. Perhaps the most daring breed of the domestic cat is the Aby; Which is too curious to miss any opportunity and smart enough to execute any goal you can think of.

Aby, being a true Sagittarius, must have a loving family to come home to after every adventure, and, better yet, there may be another curious companion cat to share the experience with.

3) Capricorn: Devon Rex

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You are a foreman who will follow any plan to completion, no matter the cost, and you cannot deviate. Some people perceive you as cold and emotionless because of your unwavering dedication to climbing all the rungs. But those who know you well understand that you have a deep sense of love. You have a playful side that is great for humor. You are a Devon Rex.

The Devon Rex is a thinker with an always-on brain. So a house full of toys and thoughtful social interactions is ideal, but don’t expect this cat to tell you everything that he’s thinking. The Devon Rex is likely to be there for almost every activity, monitoring and evaluating everything. But the conversation is for the right ears at the right time.

The Devon Rex can have a rougher appearance than many people would expect from a cat. But those who are willing to know it will find it soft and comforting. The Devon Rex is famous for being above all others.

2) Aquarius: Scottish Fold

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

The convention is your worst enemy. You want to change the world, so you prefer to start with artistic expression rather than give in to tradition or be placed in a preconceived box.

You are an individual, but that does not mean that you feel alone. Joining groups of people who fight for the same cause as you will help you prosper as a humanitarian. You are a Scottish Fold.

The Scottish Fold is not your average cat, as the name implies. The breed’s nickname refers to the folded ears that catch the cat’s attention, but they are not the only peculiarity in this regard.

Despite being biologically “normal”, the Scottish Fold can be discovered in a variety of strange postures, such as; Standing on its hind legs or squatting in a less impressive way.

1) Pisces: American Bobtail

12 Cats of Zodiac – Which one is Yours.

You are extremely adaptable, effortlessly fit in with any group, and strike a balance on any stage. You have an outstanding level of emotional intelligence; So it’s you that everyone turns to when they don’t have time for their current problems or don’t feel like dealing with them. Your intuition is priceless but you get carried away easily.

The American Bobtail is a cat that everyone can count on. This cat is a lover who wants to make his human family happy and generally knows how to succeed. The American Bobtail is adaptable, going where the current flows as if the physical world didn’t matter.

Most cats are territorial to the extreme, but the American Bobtail is unusually flexible and will go from room to room without fear of being attacked.

Hope you enjoyed our Cats of Zodiac list. What is your zodiac kitty? Let us know!