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10 Space Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

Space is full of mysteries and when you try to solve one mystery, the other arises and then the chain continues. All space lovers have many thoughts in their mind like; Do aliens exist and where are they and what do they look like, how advanced are they, etc? Today we are not going to talk about aliens here, but we are going to discuss some of the popular space theories that will blow your mind.

10 Space Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

10. Planet Nine

We all know that there are only 8 planets in our Solar System, but is it true? Because scientists believe that there is also the ninth planet in our Solar System. I’m not talking about Pluto, scientists believe that there is a ninth planet hidden behind Neptune and orbiting our sun in 7,400 years. Planet Nine is believed to be around 10 times larger than Earth and hides many mysteries within it, but unfortunately, we have not found it yet and will probably find it soon if it exists.

9. Universe is A Computer Simulation

This may sound strange, but there is very little chance that we exist. That? Yes, you heard right. Some scientists believe that we are just a simulation game on someone’s computer, perhaps on the computer of an advanced civilization. When you look around you, you will see that we all work in a similar way to how a character does in a game, with the same tasks, limitations, and limits. So, question your existence because maybe we’re all just pre-programmed characters. Sounds crazy right?

 8. Time is Running Out

This is a crazy hypothesis that time runs slow compared to the initial years of our universe. Whenever you see a distant object, you are looking into the past of that object because the light is slow to reach us. So according to this, time moved faster in the past than now and there could be a day when time slows down so much that it stops and everything also stops with time. Also, it is just a hypothesis.

7. The Multiverse

I think it is the most interesting topic for everyone. Is there another universe? Are there other people like me in other universes? How many universes are there? How can we travel to the multiverse? Unfortunately, I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but some scientists believe that the multiverse exists, and some believe that our universe is also just one part of a large universe where many universes like ours exist. It sounds difficult, but our universe may not be the only one.

6. Big Rip

We all know that our universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. And everything has to end one day. Also, our universe will come to an end one day. While some scientists believe that our universe will continue to expand until it begins to break into pieces and is over. It means that expansion will be the reason for the end of our universe, but that would take billions of years.

5.  Dark Matter

If you combine the masses of all the stars, asteroids, comets, planets, and every object in this universe, then it would be only 5% of the mass of the universe. But the question is, what does the remaining 95% mass contain? The answer is dark matter. Many scientists believe that empty space is not actually empty, it contains dark matter. We have not yet understood the dark matter and we do not know anything about its existence and properties, but we do know that it is present everywhere and perhaps dark matter is responsible for the continued expansion of our universe.

4. Earth will become Venus

That’s true not just due to global warming, but many factors. Venus is very similar to Earth in mass, size, and a few other factors. Venus is also thought to have been like Earth millions of years ago but is now nothing less than the Fiery Hell. After a billion years from now, the Sun would become 10% hotter and the Earth’s average temperature would reach around 47 degrees Celsius, evaporating all the water on earth and all life on earth. it would be extinguished.

3. The White Holes

White holes are hypothetical supermassive structures that spew everything out. White holes are opposite to black holes. Black holes eat everything in their path and not even light can escape and gravity is so strong at the center of the black hole that even space-time stops there. But white holes are completely opposite to black holes and have been known to spew everything they have. Nobody knows if they exist or not, but the subject of white holes is very interesting.

2. What would happen if you fall into a Black Hole?

If you fall into a Black Hole, nothing worse can happen. The gravity in Black Hole is so high that not even light can escape. And a black hole can only be seen when it is swallowing any star or any other body, as the light forms a circle around a black hole’s event horizon. When you start to fall into a Black Hole, you will lose weight like a noodle. Yes, you will become thin as a noodle and when you reach the center of a Black Hole, space-time will stop. It would be very painful and just pray that you never fall into a black hole.

1. What was there before the Big Bang?

We know that before the Big Bang there was only one singularity. And after that, all the matter sprouted from that point and today we have the universe in continuous expansion. Most scientists believe in this theory. But some scientists say that the Big Bang was not the beginning of our universe, it was the end of the oldest Universe. Yes, the multiverse is believed to exist, and if the Big Bang was the end of the oldest Universe. So the mystery of the beginning of our universe is still unsolved.