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10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

10. Fantasy Land Hotel

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

Fantasy Land Hotel, located in Canada, offers rooms and apartments that combine luxury with classic American style. Located within the largest indoor amusement park in the world, Galaxy Land, within the Edmonton Mall Resort, the hotel offers guests a complete experience that perfectly combines fun and relaxation.

Children will enjoy the pools inside the water park, which has 17 slides for different categories, from beginners to the most advanced, they can choose to skate in the Ice Palace with their parents or explore the attractions offered by the resort. At Galaxy Land, parents will be pleasantly surprised to find playgrounds suitable for all ages, so they don’t have to worry. Children will enjoy an active vacation suitable for all ages and preferences at this hotel.

9. Adventure Suites

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

Sobre Adventure Suites Hotel debes saber que es uno de los hoteles temáticos más atractivos del mundo y uno de los mejores destinos de viaje para niños. Te ofrece la aventura y la magia necesarias en tu vida familiar. Es perfecto tanto para parejas como para familias con niños. Los más pequeños no se aburrirán ni un momento: podrán celebrar su cumpleaños y explorar el hotel mientras sus padres se relajan.

Los apartamentos del hotel, diseñados específicamente para familias con niños, ofrecen una amplia gama de instalaciones para niños. Ningún niño se aburrirá en las habitaciones temáticas del hotel. Los padres pueden elegir entre el espectacular apartamento cueva que recrea la atmósfera de la misteriosa selva amazónica (The Jungle) y otras cosas aventureras.

8. Nick Hotel

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

The hotel is part of the Nick Nickelodeon resort which has one of the most beloved playgrounds in the United States. Your vacation can become something you never imagined! Go play in the water parks, visit the mall, go to a 4-D movie theater, and relax in the spa with your child. This complex is perfect for children of any age. The main attraction is the water park which offers seven slides, climbing nets, water jets, and many children’s games.

The fun continues at the 4D theater, where kids can imagine the feeling of being part of a movie. Girls can go to the spa with moms and boys can go with dads to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show. If you want a special birthday for your son, you can celebrate it at Nick Hotel with his favorite cartoon characters. The Nick Hotel is, without a doubt, one of the main travel destinations for children.

7. White Pod

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

White Pod is a wonderful destination, located in a private ski area in Switzerland, and is often counted as one of the great travel destinations for children. Because the original idea offers an unforgettable experience, it was awarded 2005 the World Award for Sustainable Tourism. The complex offers 15 domes situated in wonderful mountain pastures and tourists are welcomed in a warm and comfortable environment.

White Pod is perfect for energetic kids who like an adventure. Whether you are looking for new challenges or just want to discover interesting things, this is the perfect place. Both individual and group activities are offered here and fun is guaranteed. Children and their parents can discover the beauty of the mountain by riding a dog sled or walking with a guide along well-established routes. Kids can take ski lessons from the best instructors and can throw snowballs.

6. Artist Residence

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

Artist Residence is a guest house with only 11 rooms, suitable for both romantic couples and families with children or art lovers. The rooms are unique, designed, and decorated by British artists to satisfy the tastes of tourists. Here the Georgian style is combined with the contemporary style and the result is amazing.

This hotel is perfect for children who are inclined towards the arts because the exhibition starts even in their room. There is a room on the ground floor that is completely white, filled with original creations by British artists. Artist Residence is the place where children can develop their imagination and creative side and is often touted as one of the best travel destinations for children.

5. Aqua Fantasy

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

Aqua Fantasy is the most famous water park in Turkey and can entertain 5,000 visitors daily, using slides, wave pools, and children’s basins. The architecture is special and similar to that of medieval times, it has castles, towers, and stairs from where the brave can jump into the water. Throughout your stay, the entertainment shows will entertain you and your children will be the happiest. Aqua Fantasy created a club, especially for the little ones where they will have fun and learn new things.

The qualified staff has put into practice the best game program for children, where stories are combined with reality. The mini club has a special room where each child can show her passions, rooms where children can sleep at lunch, and many playgrounds full of toys. The twisting slides are still the main attractions there.

4. Cavallino Bianco

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

Cavallino Bianco, one of several incredible travel destinations for children, is a luxurious 4-star hotel, a paradise for families with young children. Children have 13 hours of fun a day with qualified staff; parents can relax in the spa salon and beauty center. Children are supervised at all times, so you can have a special vacation. Lino Land is an area of ​​approximately 1,250 m where children can play pool, become pirates, play with Lego, learn to “cook” and do many other exciting activities. It is well known that children love sweets.

At Cavallino Bianco, children have access to a stand with drinks and ice creams throughout their stay. They can listen to stories and can be present at all the shows. Even the babies were not ignored, a soft and plush area has been made for them where they can sleep. Outside, kids can ride slides, build sand castles, climb walls, and participate in car races. No child will be left unattended during the entertainment as experienced staff will take care of everyone.

3. Holiday Village Rhodes

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

Holiday Village is a resort located in Greece, on the Kolymbia coast, just 150 meters from the beach. This wants to be the first place in the construction of hotels that is done in a way that does not harm the environment in any way. Carefully blend luxury, comfort, and spacious rooms with super fun activities. If you want a perfect vacation, this being one of the best travel destinations for children, it is the right destination.

Children will be happy at Holiday Village from Rhodes. The entertainers offer children a wide variety of performances and activities suitable for each age group. There are several clubs in the complex, including Kids Club, Teen Club, and Swim Academy. Children are invited to join a soccer team, shoot archery, play volleyball and have fun in the water park. Also, kids and parents are invited to catch a movie at the Holiday Village Cinema. The resort is a place where relaxation and family fun are perfectly combined.

2. Disneyland Park Paris

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

From the first moment you walk into Disneyland Park, you’ll be on a magical journey through five incredible lands. You will be accompanied by pirates, fairies, and cartoon characters. At Disneyland, stories come to life and dreams come true. The park is open year-round because the wonder and awe won’t go away with the changing of the seasons. Disneyland Paris includes two theme parks, a shopping mall, a restaurant district, and an entertainment district.

However, children will always be attracted by games that spark their imagination, by those adventurous and scary scenes. They can also try riding a horse-drawn train or carriage and can venture into Mission Space 2; Laser Room, Island Adventures, Alice’s Labyrinth, and many other adventures. Children will meet their favorite Disney characters. They can hug them, they can take pictures with them, and they can ask for autographs. Disneyland Park Paris is undoubtedly one of the best travel destinations for children.

1. Legoland

10 Best Travel Destinations For Children Around the World

Legoland is the most popular amusement park for families and children of all ages. One day is not enough to discover all the magic of this place. Let your imagination fly and enjoy with your little one in a magical world. Legoland is divided into 10 zones, each with activities designed for children, but also for the whole family. Miniland is the heart of this amusement park. Here you can discover a wonderful world in miniature, built with approximately 20 million Lego pieces.

At Legoland, children between the ages of 7 and 13 become responsible adults for a day. They learn to drive, and if they do well, they get a driver’s license valid only inside the park. They can fill up the tank car and can take the vehicle to the car wash when it gets dirty. Legoland is full of delightful attractions where children can become pirates, drivers, or hunters.